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  1. clemsonjeep

    Sept 30-Oct 3 Hardline Memorial Ride Harlan,KY

    If that's the way you understand my comment...typical of liberal media. Otherwise my point was that the cabins are booked...and I was curious if other Hardliners were able to get bookings if they so desired. Otherwise...the Hardline group may not be very big.
  2. clemsonjeep

    Sept 30-Oct 3 Hardline Memorial Ride Harlan,KY

    Any chance we could bump this to the end of October or first of November time frame so more cabins are open to choose from? Guess some of the Hardline group might have already booked theirs and be part of the reason they're all booked.
  3. clemsonjeep

    Samurai transfer case

    I've got a complete stock case, my built 6.5 in a ZOR Snatch cradle, and a box full of enough parts to probably fill up an empty case. I'm just NE of Columbia, SC...will be near Augusta, SC this Wednesday if that's any help. I've also shipped tcase several times and it usually works out well...
  4. clemsonjeep

    Ford F250/350 Body Mounts - Daystar KF04050BK

    I bought these for a truck then decided to use parts I already had on hand. These will work for any 1999-2016 F250 and up....any body style (regular, extended, crew) I am willing to ship... located in Camden, SC. Asking $100
  5. clemsonjeep

    4.5 Grinders

    I've got one of the DeWalt 11 amp paddle switch models that I've had for every bit of 10 years and just this year I had to put some new brushes in it. She's back up and running and not missing a beat. About 2 years ago I got a Milwaukee 11 amp paddle switch model and it's strong as can be, but...
  6. clemsonjeep

    ARB plumbing

    I've run ARB's on two rigs now. Never ran anything but the line supplied by ARB. Never had a failure. I've disconnected it at the diff multiple times for service and never had a leak when going back. The lines on my YJ were just zip tied in place and left to dangle to the axles...no issues...
  7. clemsonjeep

    Never ending Samurai build...

    Once everything was in and I had the seats where they were going to be I turned my attention to the shifters. Luckily it didn’t take much to get the JB Customs shifters to work out. The real headache was the doubler shifter. I started out with some ½” steel rod and chucked it in the lathe...
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  10. clemsonjeep

    Never ending Samurai build...

    Another area of concern I'd had since I first installed an automatic trans was the temps I was seeing on the gauge. I'd installed a Derale tube and fin cooler with a fan and have always wondered if it just wasn't up to the task so I ordered a slightly larger Derale in the stacked plate flavor...
  11. clemsonjeep

    Never ending Samurai build...

    Yes both cases are stock and yeah its enough. I was actually able to run a few trails and one of the harder lines at the local park this past weekend with it in high in the doubler and low in the 300. The trans wasn't too happy but it pushed through just fine.
  12. clemsonjeep

    Anyone still riding?

    We rode at Gulches here in SC this weekend.
  13. clemsonjeep

    Never ending Samurai build...

    I've been scratching my head over that. I think the hole(s) would need to be big enough to let larger material out or things would just clog up anyway. So that makes me not want any holes to maintain what strength the 3/16" has and to prevent getting hung up on the hole(s). Open to...
  14. clemsonjeep

    Never ending Samurai build...

    Next on the agenda was building a skid plate. I'd never had a skid plate before since the Samurai tcase was mounted in the Zuks Off Road Snatch cradle and was tucked up pretty high. With the new cases the Dana 300 hangs below the frame rails a little less than 1.5 inches so I decided to build a...
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  19. clemsonjeep

    Never ending Samurai build...

    In this process I also decided to sell my Corbeau Baja SS seats I'd been running for over 10 years but had had good look with and were still plenty comfortable. I'd been wanting a set of PRP's in custom colors and all, but never could make myself spend the coin on them or wait the 4-10 weeks to...
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