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  1. jccarter1

    Any heavy equipment mechanics on here

    Just kinda wondering if anyone on here is a diesel or heavy equipment tech I have a trackhoe I bought that has been blowing black smoke and I understand that is over fueling and swapped injectors with no change. I dont really know if I need to be looking at turbo or injection pump it is a 2004...
  2. jccarter1


    Anyone on here have any 5.3 or 6.0 connecting rods or piston with rods laying around I need one pretty bad I had one decide he didn't want to be apart of the team and exit via the oil pan and having trouble finding just one rod
  3. jccarter1

    Toyota thrid member info

    Ok so one thing everyone talks about is the need for more tech and I am in need of some help for info. I want to hear from people who have real world experience with these not just what you read on pirate one time. I understand that this will be opinions but I really want to get this put...
  4. jccarter1

    Sold/Expired Toyota high pinion thrid

    Looking for a high pinion thrid member 5.29 preferred or a housing that I can re-gear closer to northwest Alabama the better
  5. jccarter1

    Race safety equipment

    Ok so need some input from some of yall race guys looking to race this week in the outlaw race at hawk pride. I am not really the racing type so not looking to spend a bunch of money just to race once a year when it comes to my local park. But I need a window net and a helmet with hans or...
  6. jccarter1

    Sold/Expired Box trucks

    So I have a few box trucks I am looking to move these are heavy duty units but they dont require cdl's to drive. Figure some of yall might want to turn them into hauler/campers First is a 1998 Ford f800 with a 5.9 cummins 12 valve and 6 speed just put a new clutch in. This truck was used as a...
  7. jccarter1

    Anyone around Ft Payne

    Me and my wife are planning on coming to Ft Payne to stay in some secluded log cabin that she found for our anniversary but we want to try to go kayaking Saturday and can't find anything about people who rent or drop/pick-up we have our own kayaks just hoping someone might be able to point me in...
  8. jccarter1

    Anyone a Honda Tech

    Is there anyone on here who is a honda tech my wife has decided to get a gas saver to drive to work and run around in and it is between two cars that are both super clean one is 2008 4cyl with 100k for 6grand and the other is 2010 v6 with 200k for 6grand if you were buying just based off mileage...
  9. jccarter1

    Sold/Expired Shop clean up

    Cleaning up around the shop local pick up only H1 RIMS with inserts 50 per wheel or 200.00 for set of 5 SOLD Mid 80's Chevy stepside bed very good shape 200.00 SOLD 16 inch trailer tires 70% tread 25 per tire 2000 f350 front and rear bumper good shape no rust and no dents 100 each Truck...
  10. jccarter1

    Sold/Expired Toyota drive shaft parts

    I am looking for a Toyota slip and slip yoke for small bolt driveshaft also need a small bolt pinion flange pm me or text at 256-656-8288
  11. jccarter1

    Abandoned vehicle title

    Kinda of random but anyone on here ever deal with getting a title for an abandoned vehicle in Alabama what info is needed and how much of a hassle is it
  12. jccarter1

    Sold/Expired Rockwell shafts and parts

    Rockwell front axles shafts one pair Ujoint 700 one pair ball and claw 500 Rockwell 16 spline overson shafts both stubs good and sealed Ujoint good the inner shaft has some twist and outer shaft is broke 700 2 Rockwell 16 spline carrier one is welded 100 one has overson mini spool 300(paid...
  13. jccarter1

    Single seat 4 wheel steer transaxle buggy build

    Well I figured I would start a build on this little buggy I picked up a while back. A few people on here have seen this buggy hell a few have owned this buggy. It was built on extreme 4x4 but never finished and never completed by anyone. I think I am like the 4-5 owner from the time extreme sold...
  14. jccarter1

    Sold/Expired Air shock trade

    I know it is a long shot but I got 4 14inch radflow air shocks I need to trade for some 16inch air shocks anyone got some to trade around on
  15. jccarter1

    7.3 powerstoke guru

    I think I remember seeing that there was a member on here who owns/works at a diesel shop and was looking to talk to someone about some upgrades to the old 7.3
  16. jccarter1

    Air bag leveling kit???

    Well I am thinking about installing a air bag leveling kit on my 2002 f350 bc the rear springs are kinda weak and when I put my big trailer on it the rear drops almost 6 inches so any advice on what kit to use or is it even worth the hassle
  17. jccarter1

    Sold/Expired 1997 jeep wrangler hard top

    Well here is the deal my wife just had to have a jeep (bc that is what every mother needs) anyways she has now realized that she dosent get lots of free time to cruise with the top down on some beautiful country roads like on Instagram. Jeep is in good condition overall interior is clean and...
  18. jccarter1

    Sold/Expired Sold

    I have a set of brand new wheels and tires i am wanting to sell, came off a buggy that I wanted to go a different direction with. Steel allied beadlocks Toyota pattern with a set of 36x13.50x15 IROKS 1200.00 could ship with fasenal buyer pays shipping located North Alabama call or text...
  19. jccarter1

    Sold/Expired 39 reds and Toyota aluminium deadlocks

    Looking for some wheels and tires for a little project pm me or text 256-656-8288
  20. jccarter1

    Sold/Expired Gooseneck trailer

    I have a gooseneck that was my father's that I am looking to sell it is a great pulling trailer I just don't have room for it it has a winch that is supposed to work and ramps that come with it also heavy duty fenders i have looked for the title for it but cant seem to find it so i dont know if...