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  1. infamous1

    Colorado front locker?

    I have a 2008 Colorado DD (open/open) that I am doing some upgrades to. I am going with a slightly larger tire so I figured to use 4:10 gears up from my 3:73s. The rear axle is of no concern because the GT5, G80 option was a factory locked 4:10 that i can source from a junkyard really reasonably...
  2. infamous1

    Sold/Expired 4 17" MRWs with Stauns

  3. infamous1

    Cut a sticky SX today!!

    Just a little agitated, thought they were supposed to be tougher than that!! It was just a rock sticking out of the ground. We got several plugs in it and rode the rest of the day and it should be reparible (I'm justbitchin). Specs; TSL SX 43 mounted on a 9" wheel, 12 psi, stauns at 42psi...
  4. infamous1

    Sold/Expired 16" 2.0 Fox Air Shox SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a pair of 16" Fox 2.0 air Shox for sale. PN# FOX-980-02-236 They came on the rear of my buggy and I have never had any issues with them. There is a bit of clear flaking on the bottom of the left rear I took a pic of it. I have all eight misalignment spacers too. They are still on the...