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  1. clemsonjeep

    Ford F250/350 Body Mounts - Daystar KF04050BK

    I bought these for a truck then decided to use parts I already had on hand. These will work for any 1999-2016 F250 and up....any body style (regular, extended, crew) I am willing to ship... located in Camden, SC. Asking $100
  2. clemsonjeep

    Corbeau Baja SS Seats and Harnesses

    Selling the seats and harnesses from my buggy since it's going through some changes. These seats and harnesses were purchased together back in 2010 and were never removed until this weekend. They've always been garage kept and cleaned after every ride. Each seat has one or two small blemishes as...
  3. clemsonjeep

    1988 Suzuki Samurai Tin Top

    She's not pretty, but she has good bones. I bought this almost a year ago with intentions to build a rat rod project, but I just can't bring myself to cut it up. There are some small rust spots, but overall the body and frame are solid compared to most Samurai's I've dealt with over the years...
  4. clemsonjeep

    Ivy Branch

    What's the story at this point? Wed made rest at Ivy Branch ATV Resort and today the owner informs me the trails aren't officially open, but people are riding them as "outlaws". This place is approximately 45mins from Bear Wallow. Should we still make the 6hr trip and just do Bear Wallow...
  5. clemsonjeep

    Sold/Expired 1988 Samurai - Tin Top

    I picked this up back in February with hopes and dreams to do something with it. Unfortunately, I won't be getting around to that in a reasonable amount of time so I'm going to pass it along. It's not much to look at as it's been rattle canned black and the doors and hood were replaced from a...
  6. clemsonjeep

    Sold/Expired Weber 32/36 Carburetor - Suzuki Samurai

    This was on a rig I recently purchased. I won't need it so it's for sale. The previous owner had just installed this carburetor...brand new...then found out he'd dropped a screw in the process and tore up the motor. The carb is still clean and ready to go. Here's a few links to this...
  7. clemsonjeep

    Sold/Expired Jeep Wrangler JKU 4 Door Soft Top and Hardware

    This factory soft top was included with the purchase of the Jeep, but never installed. The top color is Khaki as it was intended for a red colored Sahara edition and the windows are tinted as shown in the pictures. Everything is still in it's original packaging and has been stored indoors...
  8. clemsonjeep

    Sold/Expired Winters Shifter Gate - TH350

    This is a new gate for a TH350. Asking $15 shipped Located in Camden, SC...text me at 8038406124 Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  9. clemsonjeep

    Sold/Expired Derale Transmission Cooler with Fan

    I'm redoing some things on my rig and considering removing this cooler for a different one. This one has worked great. The fan pulls quite a bit of air but isn't obnoxious to have turned on. The ports are 11/32" but I'm running 3/8 rubber hose without an issue. This is Derale #13730 I...
  10. clemsonjeep

    Sold/Expired Trail Gear TC Pump

    SOLD I ran this pump for a while on my buggy but then upgraded to a full hydro setup. This is the Trail Gear 1,450psi pump. No leaks, no issues when removed and it has been stored inside a climate controlled shop since removed with caps on both ports. Located in Camden, SC...
  11. clemsonjeep

    Sold/Expired Fox 2.0 14" Air Shocks

    The front shocks were purchased June of 2016 from Low Range Offroad. The rear shocks were purchased from Down South Motorsports January of 2014. There are no leaks, no knicks on shafts, and all damage is shown in pics. All damage is cosmetic. These have been installed on my Samurai based buggy...
  12. clemsonjeep

    Sold/Expired 1991 Mazda Miata

    1991 Mazda Miata 173,000 miles 5 speed Cruise Control Repainted by local shop 2 years ago This is the car I learned to drive on and has been in my family since my parents bought it as a demo from a dealership in Augusta, GA. I got it from my parents in 2008-9. The clutch was beginning to slip...
  13. clemsonjeep

    Sold/Expired 1st Gen Toyota Tube Doors

    Listing these here for easleycrawler... I've got a set of 4xinnovations 1st gen Toyota tube doors, with hinges. Located in Easley South Carolina. Asking $150 Don't really want to ship, but may consider it.
  14. clemsonjeep

    Harlan Oct. 27-30

    Anyone else up here this weekend? We just got here a little while ago but got the fire and the grill cranked up. Cracked the top on a few cold ones...good times! Just wish I could stay here longer...
  15. clemsonjeep

    Sold/Expired SOLD Samurai Buggy SOLD

    SOLD I'm listing this for a friend of mine. He purchased this within the past couple months and just has too much going on to make use of it and would like to free up the money to spend on other hobbies. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this rig...and is ready to go wheeling. It is...
  16. clemsonjeep

    Sold/Expired Toyota Hydro Assist & High Steer Parts

    I'm beginning to 4 link the front of my rig so I no longer need these parts. Everything is in good working order. I just had the rig out on the trails a week ago with no issues. Everyone that has driven my rig says it works better than most. All parts are still installed, but can be removed...
  17. clemsonjeep

    Sold/Expired Wideband Gauge Accessories - Auto Meter

    I had to get a replacement gauge so I don't need these parts. My gauge is the Auto Meter 5779 for reference. Wiring Harness - ATM5232 - Asking $25 O2 Sensor & Weld Bung/Plug - ATM2243 - Asking $85 Just for reference...this is the box the gauge came in...
  18. clemsonjeep

    Sold/Expired 1x 39.5x13.5x15 IROK on 6 lug steel wheel

    No longer need this as a spare since I got another Krawler. Its got 15-6/32 tread as shown. The tire does have one vulcanized spot and two small gouges...pictures show them. Located in Camden, SC and can be reached at 803-840-6124. Asking $175 OBO MAKE OFFERS
  19. clemsonjeep

    Sold/Expired 1x 39" BFG Krawler Red Label

    Since I picked up 2 tires from scjustin I've got an extra that I don't need now. This one is in good shape...no leaks...no repairs. It's worn kinda funky though. It currently has around 6/32 on the outside edge and 12/32 on the inside edge and the outer lugs are squared off instead of...
  20. clemsonjeep

    Sold/Expired Ballistic Joints

    I just took these off of my rig. No particular reason except I just wanted heims. In the process of removing them only one got boogered up and I had to cut it out of the link. That's why one of them is shorter than the rest. Several of the grease zerks are broken off but could be repaired...