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  1. jta

    Sold/Expired FTI Billet single disk converter part number 592BA

    This is a single disk billet converter for a 47re or 47rh. I upgraded to a triple disk. This one just came back from FTI so it's like new, it was in my truck for a year. $550 OBO. I will need your core back or an additional $250 I'm located in Riverview, FL and if you want to pay the core...
  2. jta

    Does Anyone Use a Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System?

    I've been thinking this might be nice to have. Do any of you run one? If you have what do you like or dislike about the set up you have.
  3. jta

    Sold/Expired 2000 Star 18 ft trailer

    2 5/16 ball,7000 LBS, storage box built into the tongue, 82" between the fenders, brakes on one axle, ramps store under the back of the trailer decent tires and it comes with a spare. These pics are pretty recent. It's been used but not abused. I'm only selling it because I upgraded to a...
  4. jta

    Sold/Expired Dodge Ram 2nd gen full size short bed leer topper

    This is off my tow rig but with my new trailer I can't use it. I'm in Riverview, FL but I can bring it to AOP this weekend $550 OBO More pics here http://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/pts/5319244297.html
  5. jta

    Gooseneck hitches

    What do you have? What do you like about? What do you dislike?
  6. jta

    Anybody wheeling Stony Lonesome 10/3?

    The weather looks a little better at STL for tomorrow than here at Choccolocco. Any locals gonna be there that I can ride with?
  7. jta

    Huntsville Threatens Veteran with Arrest for Living off the Grid

    Any of you guys heard anything about this? http://truthinmedia.com/city-of-huntsville-reportedly-threatens-veteran-with-arrest-for-living-off-the-grid/
  8. jta

    Where to stay when going to Choccolocco?

    Other than the University Inn and the Hampton is there anywhere else close by? We stayed at the University Inn last time and it was fine. Just looking for other options.
  9. jta

    Anybody know what this camper thing is?

    Saw this thing on the way home from work. Any idea what it is?