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  1. jwilson645

    Pedal Commander for 2500HD 6.0?

    Any of you guys ever use one of these? I have a 2008 2500hd 6.0/6L80e with 178k on it and I HATE the delayed acceleration. I'm not certain if it's the DBW or if it's the VVT but when I mash it, I want it to go. I just changed the air filter, plugs, wires and cleaned the MAF hoping that would...
  2. jwilson645

    '48 Willys CJ-2a build

    Picked up the sweet little Willys from J-Mox this weekend as a project for my son and I. It runs great and can be yard driven as is but needs a few things before I would take it on a street. Will not be a crawler or anything. The idea is to just restore it back mostly original, although I will...
  3. jwilson645

    Flat Fender Jeep project wanted

    Looking for a stock CJ2a/3a flat fender project for my son and I. I'd like for it to be complete with engine & trans but that isn't a deal killer.
  4. jwilson645

    285/75/16 Mastercraft & Fierce mud tires - will seperate

    Just took these off my new-to-me truck and replaced with some AT's. 1 nearly new MasterCraft Courser MXT and 3 Fierce Attitude MT's $150 for all 4 Morris, Alabama
  5. jwilson645

    2002 Dodge 1500 transmission issue?

    Looked at a 2002 Ram 1500 4x4 yesterday. 5.9 with 177k miles on it. When I floored it and the transmission downshifted, it acted like it was quickly shifting back and forth between gears, kind of a "shudder". Normal driving was fine and I didn't notice any issues other than a slight vibration...
  6. jwilson645

    6x10 or 6x12 enclosed trailer

    Looking for a small enclosed trailer in either 6x10 or 6x12 with drop down rear door and side man door under. Will entertain slightly larger but will depend on price. [email protected] or 205-910-4002
  7. jwilson645

    Sold/Expired 73-80 Chevy truck parts needed

    I'm looking for a few good pieces for my 77 Silverado. Specifically, I need a passenger front fender and liner and a tailgate that aren't rusted to nothing or beat up too bad. I can fix it if it's minor but they need to be better than what I have. Also need several of the aluminum side trim...
  8. jwilson645

    Auto Upholstery shop around Birmingham/Cullman?

    Looking for a shop to add some foam and recover the seat in my truck. Im in between Cullman and Birmingham so someone in that range would be good. I know of M&M in Holly Pond but they're waaaay above what I'm looking for. Last one I had done was at Riverside Auto Trim on 278W in Cullman but I...
  9. jwilson645

    Sold/Expired WTB Champ 500 style wheels

    I know Centerline, Cragar and Enkei all made wheels in this style but there may be other brands also. Looking for a 15x8 or 15x10. 2 of each or 4 of same size. Doesn't matter. Need a 5x5 bolt pattern for full size Chevy truck.
  10. jwilson645

    Sold/Expired House for sale in Hayden

    http://faithharper.com/homes-for-sale/236-Elbert-Gallimore-Rd-Hayden-AL-35079-178345543 We just lowered our price to $145,000. If anyone knows anyone wanting to move to the area, pass this along. In the 11 years we've been there, we have put in new 3 ton HVAC, new roof, new hot water heater...
  11. jwilson645

    Sold/Expired WTB solid RH fender and wheel well for a 73-80 Chevy truck

    Needs to be near Hayden/Cullman/Birmingham (Alabama). Long shot but before I go out scavaging the yards I thought I'd put a feel out. Has to be 73-80 model. Prefer one with all the trim so I don't have to drill a bunch of holes. Like this.
  12. jwilson645

    Sold/Expired Center bolt valve covers for SBC

    Looking for some stock or aftermarket center bolt valve covers for a 305/350 Vortec engine.
  13. jwilson645

    Who here uses a CPAP?

    Looks like I'll be picking one up soon. Had a sleep study last night and had 200 "events" before 2 am. :eek: No wonder I feel like **** all the time.
  14. jwilson645

    Sold/Expired *sold* 1998 TJ Sport $5500

    It’s been my DD/trail rig for 8 years and has never let me down. 1998 TJ Sport 4.0/5 speed/NP231 Dana 30, 4.56, lockright Ford Explorer 8.8, 4.56, lockright, discs Front has long radius arms that I built using 2”x ¼” square tube lowers, 1.5”x ¼” uppers & Trail Gear Creeper Joints (1.25”...
  15. jwilson645

    Sold/Expired WTB upper door skins for a TJ

    I need either 1 driver side in black or a pair (can be either black or spice/tan). Needs to have a good zipper. Must be for a TJ.
  16. jwilson645

    Sold/Expired Sold

  17. jwilson645

    Sold/Expired WTB Anvil and Post Vise

    Looking for an anvil and post vise for my blacksmith shop. If you happen to have one or know of one, please let me know. 205-910-4002 or [email protected] I need a 100lb + anvil. Brand doesn't matter. Will look at any of them. Open to any post vises like this. Parts can be missing...
  18. jwilson645

    Sold/Expired delete

  19. jwilson645

    Sold/Expired Wanted: Old, rusty, broken, unneeded parts & tools.

    Looking for any kind of old tools (wrenches, pliers, hammer heads, etc), saw blades, vehicle parts (pieces of engines, transmissions, rearends, etc). Anything metal like that. They can be broken or severly rusty. It doesn't matter as these will be used in art pieces.
  20. jwilson645

    Sold/Expired delete