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    Jeffry Epstein ???

    His lawyer had come out and said that the hulk of an inmate he was paired up with is what happened to him the first time, not suicide attempt.
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    Jeffry Epstein ???

    Who believes he actually stretched his own neck?
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    Coleworx Terminator

    Well then professor, how is an engine dyno any better than a chassis dyno?
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    Coleworx Terminator

    You can make any style dyno read what ever you want, they are all just tuning tools.
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    Coleworx Terminator

    What’s the specs on this rig?motor axles and such.
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    Wonder why they don't put the tires on the top, seems like that would match up to his driving style better? :dunno:
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    Busted knuckle Gold rush

    What kind of fuel pump is on this rig and where is it located? And I'm also curious if the motor was dynoed before installation. And for the comment about superchargers being cheap horsepower, I have an f1-a I'm putting on a c10 truck. The blower and fuel injection alone just went over 11,000$...
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    Busted knuckle Gold rush

    What was the deal about the driveshaft?
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    Dale YEAH!!!!

    Is Ritchie building a new one?
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    Can we talk about the 1,000 hp elephant in the room?

    I would like to see some specs on this blown 2,000 horse big block. That's not going to be an easy feat on gasoline.
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    ring and pinion

    Tell your friend to grow some balls and buy rockwells. :cougar:
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    Best Skid Steer for Farm Use

    I have an ASV skid steer that is a tank, best drive system out, but it will tear a yard all to crap when turning.
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    RIP Bandit

    No telling the boogie he had back in his prime, they should gold-plate his pecker and put it in a museum.
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    Clayton H. Accident

    A little of the current topic but, I'm going to build a tube chassis s10 over the winter what style seat is better for straight line stuff in your opinion?
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    Clayton H. Accident

    Saying you don't need a suspension seat is like saying you prefer leaf springs over coil overs for racing KOH! Both are going to leave you walking like some pretty boys first night in prison!
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    Sold/Expired 2 car trailer

    You going to the rod run or shades of the past?
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    Paging Busted Knuckle Matt

    No offense, but if you honestly believe it's not different to be self employed I suggest you never try it.
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    RTIC coolers

    I've prechilled my rhodie for a week straight and it still will not keep ice for ****. It's a very well built cooler but no way worth the price.
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    PSC Friend or Foe???

    I tried ordering a pump from them for a yj I was riding while I was finishing up my last buggy, it already had hydraulic steering but the stock pump had finally took a poo, those ****ers would not sell it to me, said the only way they would was with no warranty, this was due to it having a...
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    Weapons of war

    I just bought my son a 9mm m&p shield for his 21st birthday, while I was there I got me a 40 with night sights. We are really liking these, for carry guns I think they are sweet.