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  1. snoball

    Hardrock Offroad 2 Bounty Hills/ rock race/ WBD Feb 27

    Feb 27 Hardrock Offroad in Ocala Florida will host 2 bounty hills $500 per hill, and rock race for full bodied rigs. Hardrock is the only legal wheeling spot in Florida so we are having this event to help support the only real park we have. After the racing we will have a big party/BBQ (WBD Whit...
  2. snoball

    Rock bouncers in Monster Jam

    Just watching the preview of monster jam 16 and caught the tail end of a new rock bouncer looking class they are running. The Anderson's seemed to have a couple of rigs with bypasses and all. Curious if anyone knows more? Looks like they are also having a mega truck class too.
  3. snoball

    Gooseneck vibration

    Ever since I bought my 35 ' double tandem I get a pretty serious vibration around 70. Faster it goes away and a little slower it goes away, with no real consistency. Seems to be worse when it's not heavily loaded, new tires on truck(did with old too), and trailer tires are all visually in great...
  4. snoball

    Hardrock Florida wheeling

    Little taste of Hardrock orv http://youtu.be/tZFY7oGOsUk
  5. snoball

    Harlan Cabins

    Does anyone have the contact for Mike at the cabins behind the convenience in Everts? I found his email on the old Harlan thread but have not had any luck getting in touch with him. Thanks in advance.
  6. snoball

    Atomic Ridge

    I've heard so many different opinions about this trail good and bad. We are going to windrock this weekend and this is the only trail we have never hit. Planned on doing it on sat so just wanted some opinions of whether it's worth the drive, will we be there for 2 days recovering buggies, or is...
  7. snoball

    Sold/Expired 2.5 coilover springs

    14" 2- 200 and 2- 175 16" 4- 250 Eibach springs all new never wheeled, just used for starting point. For 2.5 coilovers $60 per spring +shipping
  8. snoball

    Dude got it figured out

  9. snoball

    Rzrs and big events

    I'd first like to say I like Rzrs and think they are a big part of the success of wheeling parks and events. However the last couple of big events I have been to SOME are starting to make me not only dislike them, but have concern for their effect of the future of our sport. It seems like the...
  10. snoball

    Chocco ride vids

    Had a blast this weekend at Chocco. Trey as usual has the park dialed in with anything one could need, propane, clean accommodations, and awesome trails. Big thanks to Nathan for showing us a great time and giving us the local perspective on the park. Chocco gets better every time we go, thanks...
  11. snoball

    Why is it not rock bouncing on the left coast?

    Been watching a few vids from out west and wonder why it's so cool for them to use a bunch of skinny pedal to get over tough ****. Why is it different from southern wheelers using throttle? After reading comments on Cole and BK vids its crazy how much people criticize southern wheeling where we...
  12. snoball

    Who still uses the phone book?

    Time to renew our yellow page add and curious on how many folks still use the book?
  13. snoball

    Windrock Labor Day weekend

    Couple of us heading up Friday to Sunday. Anyone else riding there?
  14. snoball

    Harlan Vid

    Sorry for the crappy video but here ya go Harlan 13
  15. snoball

    Opinions on motor warranty...

    Bought a LQ9 from a vendor on Pirate about 8 months ago. The deal has been pretty smooth till it was time to fire off the motor in my new buggy. I asked for a wiring diagram and some other info which I never got, but really never had much concern as the guy always eventually got back with me...
  16. snoball

    Little Florida wheeling

    http://youtu.be/yiVA8w1sCW0 http://youtu.be/Tk4D1poctHg http://youtu.be/pDzivA__Wx4 http://youtu.be/qLHiRL8USqk http://youtu.be/iKqSS7tOIrE http://youtu.be/3ZkdDdcsJNk http://youtu.be/vn-fdxbCJGU http://youtu.be/isCDyiEnVag http://youtu.be/wvBpSZQ6shg
  17. snoball

    LS fuel regulator ???

    With a truck intake that has a supply and return do I need an external regulator? I was under the impression that with this set up the regulator was in the fuel rail. If it had supply only at the rail I thought it was in the factory fuel pump in the tank. Thanks
  18. snoball

    Brands of gears

    Getting ready to buy a new gear set for buggy and curious if y'all have a preference. Yukon is what I've used in the past but ecgs is saying motive or nitro is just as strong. What y'all think?
  19. snoball

    Awesome Bike Ride almost 35%

    Enjoy :popcorn: Katee Life- Bike Ride and Shower Off
  20. snoball

    Fl vs Tenn

    Ill bet a 6 pack on Florida, bet payed up at Grey rock. Who wants it?