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    Poolman passed away

    Hate to hear that on his profile here it says he was 45, let us know on arrangements or donations
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    What chassis would you run

    I saw on Facebook are you starting to sell flatpack kit's?
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    What chassis would you run

    How can you not love the looks of Kevins trail rig!
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    What chassis would you run

    If there was a way to get WOD to make a Rev chassis be able to accept 16 inch front shocks a lot of bouncer guys might switch over to them I would bet.
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    What chassis would you run

    I sent Iron duck a message and he said he will start building customer chassis in the spring. I am going to wheel mine for a while and then see what parts I want to carry over to a new build. Looking like I will keep my motor, trans, transfer case, shocks. Sell the chassis and axles depending on...
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    What chassis would you run

    if you have instagram they have a bunch of photos on there.
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    Jeep body for a buggy?

    Jimmy's 4x4 is where most of the front clips come from I would say unless they are 100% homemade.
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    Buggy build

    I got the reservoir all done , getting it polished up to put into the buggy. will get some updated pics of it in the buggy... Don't mind my $5 auction deep freeze.
  11. powersteering 2.jpg

    powersteering 2.jpg

  12. Power steering 1.jpg

    Power steering 1.jpg

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    Buggy build

    Should have some pic of the reservoir later this week. The quality of Leroys kit is awesome, I also like the fact the electronics on his kit are away from the axle. I ended up building a vented box where his kit sits underneath the passenger seat.
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    Buggy build

    So after an hour call with Jeff Howe, along with messages back and forth with Scott at Scotts pumps and Eric ant Radial dynamics, it was pretty clear the more fluid the better. It stays cooler, less air etc. So since my buddy is an amazing tig welder I figured why not make mine bigger and in a...
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    Buggy build

    To give an update, most everything is done besides the driveshafts getting made (which I have the parts on the way). The major step back is the steering setup. I originally was going to run 2 pumps one for front and one for the rear, this meant 2 reservoirs, etc. I started talked to Scott at...
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    What chassis would you run

    Is George still building them
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    What chassis would you run

    I'm hoping to have mine finished in a few weeks or so wheel it for a while and decide what I want to do for a winter project. Keep this one buy an older 4800 car and swap the parts over to a WOD Jimmy,s or PCR. A lot will depend on how well the current rig fits in with the group I know that goes...
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    Buggy build

    I'll post up some pictures, finishing up the rear steering this week. I went with Leroy Lathams kit for simplicity. I ended up cutting the existing dash to get some more visibility.
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    Stephen Broady's "An Actual Trail Rig" build

    I have the same howe Coolers for my rig, I have always seen them mounted side to side I'm curious if it matters. one of the last things I'm buttoning up on my rig is where to clamp the steering coolers front and rear.
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    What chassis would you run

    I thought about this, if I could put electric cut outs/ full exhaust on mine and have some space for a cooler that would be ideal. Still in the works but we will see, it took a long time to come up with the design now.

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