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    Sold/Expired 460 & C6 $700

    77 460 & 2wd C6 out of 77 F250 engine runs no nocks , smoke , or any , problems just leaks and all the normal places for 41 year old engine . Transmission shifts in all gears reverse works it leaks and all the normal places for a 41 year old transmission . Asking $700 for the pair . Engine is...
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    who's got the best deal / prices on tanks ...... Ameragas is killing me and I'm ready to give them the boot :****: :gtfo:
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    Sold/Expired Rockwell shafts WTB

    Looking for a full set of front U joint style shafts ... PM ME WITH WHAT YOU HAVE
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    Link to KOH 2016

    Can someone post it here ? :dunno: :driving: :eat: :popcorn:
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    Just wanting opinions if youre not going to race / compeat do you still need stickies ? Is it worth the money if all you plan o :dunno:n doing is trail beating ?
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    Sold/Expired coilover springs

    I need springs for 2 inch co . Need two 100# 16 inch long and two 200# 16 inch long both are 2 1/2 id . Pm or call 770-653-7505
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    stearing decision ???

    ok here goes i got a rockwell buggy with a double ended ram on it mounted in the front ... and it sucks cuz it hits stuff all the time and bends ... and pushes the ram into my rotor ... which has to be in the front cuz if not it hits my crank pully . so im trying to put the ram behind the axel...
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    Sold/Expired @

    :fish:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=166622160180449&set=t.1819855608&type=3&theater this is the only pic i have 2013 DIRTY SOUTH MOTORSPORTS buggy 406 sbc on pane rockwells with the usual stuff th350 205 an 44s tsl stock axels no rear stear 116 WB 38k OBO /NEG CASH ONLY you cam pm or...
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    Sold/Expired 1990 suburban

    someone help me sell this i priced it high cuz i needed jew room AND IT IS NEG !!! http://atlanta.craigslist.org/eat/cto/4157617203.html
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    tow rig needs a motor

    got a 90 subturden its got a 454 in it now with a broke crank ( long story ) NO IM NOT PUTTING A 12 VALVE IN IT so my choices are another 454 or a 6.0 . still going to keep my 465 &205 combo with a 14bolt and 4:11s with 33s . for what it would cost for a 12 valve , 5 spd trans , t case , drive...
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    golden mtn.

    anybody around athens GA. going to golden mtn. any time soon ? i have some parts i need to get to TN. for a guy to pick up
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    Sold/Expired I NEED YOKES

    need some yokes .... one 1410 for a 205 32spl .... one 1350 for a 205 32spl .... and one 1410 for a 14bolt 10.5 ring gear
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    Sold/Expired WTB S.B.C 400 BLOCK

    i need a good block 400 cid 2 or 4 bolt main ....... let me know
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    good people to deal with

    yhea its for the rockwell crowed ..... http://www.redbarncustoms.net/
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    rockwell info

    this is what i found when trying to find axel u joints http://www.nc4x4.com/forum/index.php?threads/rockwell-2-1-2-info-thread.1732/
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    screw obama im moving to norway

    Extreme Hillclimb - Formula Offroad Matrand 2012!
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    ideas for the new buggy

    need some help with how to secure my propane tank in the new buggy . dont really want to use fork lift brackets its ben done to death and dont really want to use a ratchit strap like i did in the old buggy . so with that being said what would you use ??? and no EFI is not going to happen ...
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    Sold/Expired serp brackets for sbc price change

    alum. serp set up for sbc comes with.. well.. all of it brackets , pullies , pwr stear pump ( oem) , alt ( oem ) , water pump ( oem ) , $247.28 OBO pm or call 770-653-7505
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    Sold/Expired np 205

    np 205 twin sticked 32spl rear out and 10spl front out $150.15 obo need it gone pm or call 770-653-7505
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    gmc gets a cummins

    any body know what it cost to do it looked all over hell an gone and cant find a price . theres a million of them out there just no price

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