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    A little Peel-Out video yesterday

    My RZR has been in the hospital all summer. It's great to have it back. Enjoy http://youtu.be/5NysXRgOt5E
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    YAMAHA Wolverine

    http://www.wolverineforums.com/forum/15-wolverine-pictures-videos Meh......
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    So, what's new at Polaris?

    What's the rumor mill saying for the January releases?
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    2015 RZRs

    http://view.exacttarget.com/?j=fe5f1774746d067c7c17&m=ff001572766c05&ls=fdcf1570736306797414797764&l=fe6315777466017e7010&s=fe2217747c6c0578721272&jb=ffcf14&ju=fe2e10737263057c771775&WT.mc_id=&r=0 Super smart move to stick a detuned 900 in the S and kill the XP line. Desert model is pimp at...
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    Should I upgrade?

    I have a cherry XP9004 LE.....I have never taken it off the farm. 500 miles. I have a hankering to get a 1000 - 4 just because. Is it worth me spending $4000 to upgrade to the 1000? Who has both? Trail riding...no racing, no rocks anymore......but I love to peel out.
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    New Polaris - Single Seat

    I love it. I still think a sxs is better for my kid but I like this a lot. http://utvweekly.com/2014/01/new-polaris-sportsman-ace-utvatv-game-changer/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=new-polaris-sportsman-ace-utvatv-game-changer
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    50" Wildcat v RZR-S for Kid

    Has anyone seen a 50" Wildcat in person? I really want to get an adult SxS and modify the driver's seat for my son. He is 9 and drives the **** out of my RZR 900, but we have to make all sorts of crazy pads and stuff to get him to the pedals. It's just not safe with the setup we have. I...
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    Honda Pioneer 4

    http://hondasxs.com/pioneer-photo-and-video-f44/honda-pioneer-video-walk-around-t253.html This thing is really cool.
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    Do it. NOTHING your dumb asses are doing today is more important.
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    Sold/Expired 2010 Robbie Gordon RZR-4 800 Mississippi $12,900

    2010 Robbie Gordon RZR-4, $12,900 Located in Canton Mississippi Purchased in September 2010 Adult Owned and Operated Never ridden in the mud or rain Garage kept EXTRAS POLARIS Protection PLUS warranty through 9/18/2012 Warn 3500 winch with internal switch and synthetic winch rope...
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    What's new?

    So, what is the scuttlebut on new SxS's or upgrades to current SxS's? Still dreaming of a 900XP-4 but it ain't happening for a while.
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    Sold/Expired 97 Land Cruiser Axles

    80 series axles Full Float, Disc Brakes, good condition NO LOCKERS $1000 OBO Mississippi
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    Sold/Expired 2006 28' PJ Trailer Gooseneck

    $4800 firm. Can help with delivery for fuel $ Purchased off Pirate in the fall, I have used it 2x. Low use. Mfg date 9/2006. (2) 7000# axles. Rebuilt brakes, new E Rated tires...both from non-use by prior owner. Sat up while he was in Afghanistan. Fold down, spring loaded ramps. 2" hitch...
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    RZR Code Help - Comments

    Had a good time at Hot Springs on the RZR this weekend. That is a great place to ride. Did some high-speed stuff and some rocks. Fun. Dusty, but fun. I finally pinched a tire....took about 10 plugs to fix it. I am looking for a used 26/12-12 Bighorn if anyone has one. I am throwing a...
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    http://www.wlbt.com/story/15455491/quake-shakes-east-jefferson-county Did you feel it MattO?
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    Well, I finally went rockbouncing......

    :tc :tc :tc :tc My name is Nolen. I am a TC/Matlock fan. :woot: Rockbouncing with TC and Matlock at Golden Mountain
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    Random UTV Parts for sale thread....

    Lets do a random parts thread here in the forum.....everyone use the same thread, that way it does not clog up the entire section with for sale posts I'll Start I have a HD drive belt for a 700 Rhino. Brand new. Paid $100, sell $50 I have an Amsoil oil filter for a Rhino. Brand new. Paid...
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    BIG RZR Rockcrawling Trip Report - Superlift ORV

    Check out the writup on our trip to Hot Springs. We did some BIG **** on these things... http://pirate4x4.com/trailreports/rzr-hotsprings-2011/index.php
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    Funny...made me think of Hardline...

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    ....on the first page :D Been too ****ing hot to ride mine BUT I just scored a 28' gooseneck so if/when I get to ride again (like my Moab trip), I won't have to leave my RZR4 at home. I was supposed to go ride with Doc in Mena this coming weekend but my life got in the way. I want to come...

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