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    Rockwell buggie build

    Heres some updated pictures of a build I've got going on for a friend of mine.Specs are Front and rear steer rocks, king coilovers, psc steering 1 1/4 heims, 2 1'4 7075 lower links, 2" 6061 uppers,stazworks 20" wheels,corbeau reclining seats, 350 turbo with twinsticked 205, and he decided...
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    Sold/Expired 1993 cherokee

    1993 jeep cherokee would make a good trail rig. It's still stock right now with only 120,000 miles on it, and runs great 4.0 liter, automatic, 4 door.Needs a lift and tires and there you go.Try to get some pics tomorrow. 1200.00 (615)428-3489 located in Dickson Tn.
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    Sold/Expired Big Block Chevy shorty headers

    I've got a set of brand spankin new coated shorty headers for a big block chevy that were never run, decided to go with a LT1 instead of 396 so don't need them anymore. 220.00 located in Dickson Tn. (615)428-3489
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    Beer and loading up after a ride

    I was looking thru some pics from last october and ran across this one, forgot I had it.This was my old buggie we had just put it back together for a friend of mine and took it to a local park for his first trip in a buggie, he had another friend of his pull it for him to the park. When it got...
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    17' Steel wheel blanks?

    Does anyone have a source for 17" steel wheel blanks?
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    Where to buy 7075 round stock

    I'm looking for a new supplier for 7075 aluminum bar stock, anyone you would recommend. I've been using loftis in nashville, just wanted to see if there was anyone cheaper around that actually stocked it.
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    Another rockwell buggie build

    Started another rockwell buggie build for a customer, going to be front and rear steer,mohawked with pinion brakes. 46" michelins (which I'm not sure about, we're going to try and cut the crap out of them and see what they will do) 20" internal lock wheels.He's still considering the motor choice...

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