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    What chassis would you run

    So I built my own chassis, its a decent rig , lsx 427 th400 dana 80's front and rear steer etc. I am looking at swapping my parts over to a name brand chassis. I am torn between a jimmy's, WOD, and PCR. I am wanting something to be able to race and trail ride. I like my chassis but would like...
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    Buggy build

    I posted a picture of my buggy the other day and few people anted a tech form. It will be a bit backwards as I have to buggy done now and will be posting unfinished pictures as I find them in my phone. The specs of the buggy when I first started bending setting the chassis up were Ls/ Th400/...
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    Best buggy skin material

    I'm finishing up my build and coming down to the small details. Originally I was going to use .064 Al sheeting and get it wrapped, after digging some more it seems more people are getting away from Al skins and going to Polycarbonate/ Lexan. Do anyone have any real world experience on what skins...
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    47 spline Dana 80 spool

    I have a new 47 spline Dana 80 spool $700 with bearings located in Missouri but will ship
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    Anyone heard of a new 1550 or Rockwell 40 spline axle shaft coming out

    There has been some talk a East coast company is coming out shortly with a 1550 40 spline inner 32 spline outer axle shaft or possibly a rockwell size u joint axle shaft. Has anyone else heard this and can shed some more light on to what company it might be or when these might be able to be...
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    who makes/ Sells Tilt Steering mount

    I'm looking for a tilt steering mount for my orbital, I have seen the tilt steering column mounts where the orbital is stationary and you use u joints on the column. My old buggy I built I bought a tilt steering setup from Rocker off road but they are out of business. Any leads on this?
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    Front end 14bolt vs dana 80 Caster angle difference

    I've been looking a few different axles lately both 80's and 14 bolt's. Im currently running 14's under the rig I'm building with 7 degree caster. If you look at the guys who are running 80's or drop outs they look to be running negative caster. I think this would be harder on steering. Does...
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    Orbital Valve column parts

    I am looking for the part of the column that is the star pattern that fits into the orbital from the steering column i made my own steering column but can't find the star male end that will slide into the orbital. Does anyone have a part number for this?
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    bending header tubing

    What is the thinnest wall tubing you can bend in a jd model 32? I know Jimmy Smith builds and bends his own headers just curious what thickness of wall he uses
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    1480 Driveshaft Question/ Idea

    I have a few 4340 broken dana 60 stub shafts, that I got cheap or had laying around. I'm wanting to take one and cut it down to about an inch of shaft showing then sleeve over it with 2" .250 DOM. The part I can't figure out finding a slip, I've thought about buying a 1.5" 16 spline and cutting...
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    Bypass reservoir relocate

    On the new build I have bypasses front and rear after panhandling on the local corners but apparently I wasn't good enough to by remote reservoirs. After looking at them I was thinking I could make my own remote kit out of hydraulic hose fittings has anyone done this? and if so whats the best...
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    Sold/Expired WTB Orbital

    looking for a orbital before I buy new was seeing if anyone has one
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    Sold/Expired Wtb Rockwell spindle

    Looking for a Rockwell spindle 314 550 3870
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    ls motor on E85

    Just got my ls 408 block back from the machine shop and the compression is right at 12.6 to 1, its a 408 with a set of ported ls3 heads that low really good. Does anyone have experience with running E85 its around 100 octane and a lot cheaper then race fuel. It's going in a new build and I...
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    Trailing Arms

    Wanting to build a set of trailing arms,I've seen the ruff stuff kit but I think 55" seems pretty long. Also what degree are you guys bending the DOM bars to to get the shock below center line but not have the DOM stick to far down?
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    Super 8 brakes

    So I broke down and ordered some ouverson super 8's. Im building a 14 bolt front axle with 47 outers. Has anyone made their own brake setup for the super 8's i cant see spending 650 a corner for brakes. i have a few ideas to build a set but wanting to get as much information as I can
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    Sold/Expired 2015 bouncer

    2015 bouncer healthy 6.0 ls motor 490 hp bought off of hardline from redneck engineer 2004 drive by wire truck intake morsco pan cut down jims wiring TCI built th350 with rmvb. 2800 rpm ptc stall cable dirt track shifter Ford Np 205 with cable shifters he man machine adapter HP dana 60...
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    40 spline with stock Dana 60 inncers c's or solid inner C's?

    What companies make a 40 spline axle shaft that fit in the stock size dana 60 inner C's. Wanting to start building a 14 bolt for the next build and trying to weigh my options on the front end which knuckle set to go with to accommodate the 40 spline shafts
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    14 bolt steer axle or HP60

    I have a buggy that I built about a year or so ago. Hp60 with reid racing inner c's retubed axle .5 dom tubing. Chromoly shafts etc. Since the buggy market isn't really there how it was before I'm thinking of parting some of the buggy out for my new build. Strength wise build a 14 bolt or put 40...
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    Sold/Expired Built high pinion Dana 60

    Have a 1979 kingpin Dana 60 the axle has been retubed with 3.5" x .500" wall Dom. Reid racing inner c's Has 4:88 gears Yukon spool Chromoly shafts with super joints Solid drive flanges 3/4 ton brakes Solid diff cover I'm sure I'm missing something as well Located in St. Louis mo asking 3250...

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