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    good luck on ____ at harbor freight...

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    89 f 250

    I'm building pretty much that exact truck. Dana 60 from the same year ranges are direct bolt in. I bought an entire 86 F350 and just swapped the whole front suspension out of it.
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    MS paint, resize option at the top, resize by percent till you get the file size you need.
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    Chains/binders or Ratchet straps/axle loops?

    Re: Re: Chains/binders or Ratchet straps/axle loops? They also need to support 80% of the weight from moving in the forward direction under braking as well. 2 straps on the back end of a rig with WLL of ~3300lbs wont cover that on my rig. Full Bodied 88 F250 IDI diesel. Scaled at 6100lbs...
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    Chains/binders or Ratchet straps/axle loops?

    What about those of us who drive fat pigs? ;D Those are only rated for ~6600lbs
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    Twisted 40

    good looking rig but damn does that A pillar look sketchy.
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    1994 Ford Ranger trans?

    25 spline, 5 bolt pattern. Northwest fab makes a 5 to 6 bolt adapter with spud shaft for either 23 or 31 spline. http://www.northwestfab.com/5-Bolt-Ranger-to-6-Bolt-Round-Adapter-_p_2701.html
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    Hanging a Doubler

    Im at this stage in my 203/205 setup as well. So interested to see this as well.
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    What to do with a 2002 Mustang GT?

    I mentioned the LM7 purely off this comment as it would possibly alleviate the need to rework the suspension. LM4's (aluminum 5.3L) are available as well. My DD (Saab 9-7x SUV) has one, trailblazers and Envoys also had them, L33s are available as well but more expensive and harder to find...
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    What to do with a 2002 Mustang GT?

    I vote 5.3L LM7 with a small cam and a decent set of OEM heads. attach a T56 with the money you saved buying a iron 5.3L. The 5.3L appears per google to be very similar in weight to your 4.6L so that will help with your suspension setup.
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    Im still confused how they can auction stolen items with a paper trail and say they are doing it for restitution. Just return the stolen tires to him and restitution is complete.
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    What crawl box is this ?

    Looks spot on down to the fill plugs
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    How did u come up with the name of your rig???

    Rusty old F250 that I got off a guy at work for $1500, seemed fitting to call it the F-Turd50
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    12v air compressor

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    Leaf spring bushings SUCK!

    I drilled them out because Im dumb and forgot I have a press in the basement. ::) :****:
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    TSL/Bogger combo in 42"?

    Looking at picking up a new set of tires to replace my 38.5 SX I have on my F250. I know the tsl/bogger combo is popular in some of the other sizes, cant really find anything on the 42" range. Anyone run the 42.5" boggers with 42" TSLs or 43" SX? I know interco is all over the place with...
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    Photobucket Issues Today?

    I swapped to Imgur.com No issues so far and has easy links for pictures. The app is harder to use then the website though, not sure if I just don't know the ins and outs of it yet or what. The website is like how photo bucket used to be without ads and easy to upload and grab links for pictures.
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    Hill climb racing 2(phone game)

    Let's race: https://playhcr.com/invite?id=7nXEn4
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    Cordless Impact

    Re: Since I got my M18 Fuel Milwaukee, I haven't used my air powered impact in over a year. The initial price sucks but once I had a couple batteries (I started with the M18 drill and driver combo set) buying the tool only now isn't as bad.
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    Sold/Expired 1350 NP205 yokes or flat flanges

    bump, looking for 1 more yoke for the back of my 205.

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