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    BMW M3 rig motor swap

    So I have a cute little rock rig that I built almost 10 years ago. She has a reliable 4.0 that has proven to be an excellent power plant. Zero complaints I have a customer of mine that owns a 2004 M3 that was a track car. As soon as I worked on it today he told me all about this LS swap he's...
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    Diabetes and Kids

    Anybody here have diabetes? Anybody have kiddos with it? If so what type? I have a 6 year old that ended up in the hospital on Monday. We were in until yesterday. She was diagnosed with type 1 and I find some very interesting contradictions and interesting opinions from doctors about it as...
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    SUPER spicy

    Anybody here have a super spicy pallet that craves the heat? I have discovered a love affair with extremely hot peppers. I'm not a huge salsa guy or a hot sauce guy really. I love fresh peppers in my food. Local family grows Carolina reapers and Scorpion peppers. I find myself twitching like...
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    Closed Knuckle Dana 70

    So I came across one of these while working an emergency at a customers house. Sitting on the floor of his shop. Soon as I saw it I knew it was bigger and heavier than a 60. So I start axin questions and he says "man if you want help thrown it off the bow of a boat I'll help you". So it go...
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    Safety Reminder

    Hey guys, I'm bummed to put a thread up like this. I'm a little surprised it hasn't been mentioned already. I don't know any exact details, I have never met him. My girls and I prayed for him...
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    Youth Cone Dodging

    As my daughter and I are wheeling together the other day I say to her "What if we started a youth rock crawling circuit?" She said F*** yeah dad. No she didn't, she said yeah I'm in. Lol Anyway, I'm just curious how many parents on here would actually show up with a kiddo, put them in their rig...
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    Sold/Expired 42" Red Label

    Looking for a set of 4. Tires only but if you got em on a set a wheels let's see em. Thanks
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    Umm hi freakin 5 to Clayton Hollingsworth. That rig is bringin the ass whip!!! On 9" thirds and an atlas!!!!!
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    Sold/Expired 241 Transfer Case

    Needing a 241 transfer case. I need internal parts only so I'll entertain any scenario that someone may have. Thanks
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    Super Power

    So I did a search on HL for a topic labeled this. So please don't call me Melania for copying anyone. Lol, I couldn't find one. So randomly the other day my 12 year old called me at work and said her and her sister were writing a book. She wanted to know what super power I would have if I...
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    Kentucky Wheeling

    Was thinking about taking a small vacation to see this new "Noah's Arc" in Kentucky. I was curious what kind of wheeling is near there or somewhat near? Anything worth putting on the must wheel list?
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    Sold/Expired SOLD THANKS GUYS

    Feather lite 13" steering wheel. Bought it from PSC. Made by a vendor of PSC's. 3 bolt mounting pattern. Fits most all of our quick release column adapters. Paid $85 new PM me. Let's get this thing gone
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    Sold/Expired 231 Doubler Kit

    Having trouble finding a human body to talk to about a 231 doubler kit. Anyone have one for sale? The entire doubler? Know a vendor that is still in business that makes them?
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    Sold/Expired WTB 231j Transfer Case

    Looking for a bone stock OEM 231j out of a wrangler or an XJ. Looking for late 90s (post TJ) into the 2000s. Hopefully someone has one just chilling in the garage. Thanks for anything you got
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    Parking brake/Parking pawl removal

    So I'm about to start a new project. A build that has never been done. I need some feedback on my question that will appear at the end of this ramble. I run a 42RE transmission behind a 4.0L. For those unfamiliar it is a 4 speed trans. That uses an overdrive unit in a separate extension...
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    Vulcanizing longevity?

    Maybe this has been beat to death but I couldn't really find specific experience or answers on the subject. I have a red that's like brand new and has been vulcanized. Work looks good, comparable to all the pictures in previous threads and online. This tire is a spare. Was wanting to know...
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    Who has what? What do you power with it? How long you had it? How many money's or peepee touches did it cost you? Above all: Has anyone silenced a large generator w/o building an enclosure? What mufflers did you use? Realistically how close are you able to keep it to your camper after the...
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    Hot Springs Mem Day

    After all the great things that are said to be coming from Arkansas lately..... Anyone gonna come wheel hot springs this mem day weekend? I flipped through the runs real quick and didnt see anything. Wasn't sure if I may get to meet anyone in person here?
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    School me on Yotas

    Im wanting to swap a yota tcase in place of my 231 I have now. It's behind a 42re grand Cherokee Trans. My questions are: 1. Is it as easy as buying an adapter to mount this yota case in place? 2. What model cases are good or bad or are they all virtually the same internally? ( thinking of...
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    Anybody seen or been racin with ole Will Stewie ? How's he doin? Whats he doin? Haven't seen him in any videos since back door KOH

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