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  1. muddinmetal

    Is Hardline being unPorned?

  2. muddinmetal

    Wanted: Dirt Cheap 5 Lug 16 Inch Wheels

    I would like 4 roundish 16 inch wheels with a 5 on 5.5 bolt pattern. Just about any condition or factory pull off will work. Need to be between 6 and 10 inches wide. This pattern is Dodge truck, Suzuki, Tracker, old Jeep, and old Ford. Thank you, Tyler (256) 7three8-0471
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    Stats page?

  4. muddinmetal

    My open letter to Blackbeard :

    Blackbeard, I am sure you have been quite surprised by our little hole in the world you have stumbled into. You have found yourself among some of the most passionate and fiercely loyal people this world has to offer. For so many of us this is more than just a computer play thing...
  5. muddinmetal

    Sold/Expired I need a Brake Booster for a 1993-1997 Land Cruiser / Lx450

    I need a cheap booster, mine took a dump. An attached master cylinder would be a plus, but not necessary. Thanks in advance, Tyler (256) 7three8-0471 Fj80 Fzj80
  6. muddinmetal

    Sure do wish I could read Kel's RV story again...

    Can anyone find it?
  7. muddinmetal


    Booger welds broke on my oldschool mild steel ebay header. Anybody have something cheap laying around?
  8. muddinmetal

    When your wife / woman makes your proud

    We (hopefully) have all had that moment when the woman in our life pleasantly surprises us. Some of us are ass kissers and some of us are hard asses when it comes to the women in our lives, but I thought this would be a good way to share when our women prove they are listening and make us smile...
  9. muddinmetal

    Jalen Hurts

    Is not a championship caliber quarteback. Argue if you want, you're wrong, deal with. He makes me hate watching Alabama football. One read then dance, can't stand it
  10. muddinmetal

    Sold/Expired I need a little help y'all 2007 AWD BMW X3 $5500

    I have had the craziest last few weeks, but I have been holding off making this post out of respect for Patrick. I feel like to most of us he and his loved ones are our main focus right now, but I have gotten myself in a pickle: Back story, Met a woman, decided to make the jump Proposed on a...
  11. muddinmetal

    Sold/Expired 231 Transfer case with sye

    I have a freshened 23 spline (6 cyl) np231 with a hack-n-tap sye. Case has been replaced with a 242J case due to original slip yoke failure. Case is basically rebuilt; Two bearings, the chain, and 3 seals were also replaced at that time (4 rides ago). Has a 1310 output flange in the rear and a...
  12. muddinmetal

    Sold/Expired I need a Samurai rear driveshaft. Badly!

    And I don't have a lot of money. Let me know if you can help, 256-738-0471 Tyler
  13. muddinmetal

    Sold/Expired Anybody need a house that is convenient to the Huntsville, Madison, Athens area?

    Here's the deal fellers. My woman wants to sell her house so she can move to Marshall County and be my sugar momma. Spread the word and somebody buy this thing :shit:
  14. muddinmetal


    I have lost the key to my Samurai, anybody have an ignition lock cylinder and two door cylinders laying around?
  15. muddinmetal

    TacomaJD (#JDlife Tribute?)

    JD is about to hit 10,000 posts and even though many a joke have been made about him being the HL "postwhore", I think some recognition is in order :flipoff1: The question is, does JD still even hold the honor of being the #1 PW or has Kush surpassed him for the title? :stir: JohnG : Will...
  16. muddinmetal

    North Alabama shipping help. Anybody around Moulton headed towards Guntersville?

    I need a tire from Jon Piper (Hillsboro) . Anywhere close to Boaz, Albertville, Guntersville would be great. Can anyone help? Thanks, Tyler (256) 738-0471
  17. muddinmetal

    Stoney Lonesome is Free Monday

    Riding has done gone big time y'all. Pepsi is sponsoring STL on Labor Day and admittance is FREE... I'll be there in the Lexus... surrounded my gayzrs I'm sure, but free is free :shit:
  18. muddinmetal

    General Off Road Discussion

    So, fuckheads like Will & fuckheads like me complaining about him have taken all the bullshitting out of Hardline... Offroad only now y'all :shit:
  19. muddinmetal

    JohnG, Why the fu*k is Fagmobile Will still here?

    I know some people don't like me & every one can't like every body, but what the hell? I guarantee you that two faced cry baby cock sucker has run off more good folks than any one person on this board ever has. I know you seldom step in, but this guy has to annoy you too... What is y'all's opinion?
  20. muddinmetal

    Sold/Expired Mossberg 3.5 12ga & CZ 9mm

    All are sold

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