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  1. ridered3

    RBD 2021 @ Hawk Pride - Nov 25-28

    RBD 2021 will be at Hawk Pride over Thanksgiving weekend. Will let @Speeding add all the details later. Link to the 2020 event with basic info and pictures v https://www.hardlinecrawlers.com/threads/rbd-2020-hawk-pride-nov-27-29.62382/
  2. ridered3

    Labor Day Weekend 2021 - Who - What - When - Where?

    Pretty self explanatory. Over Labor Day weekend, where is everyone planning to ride?
  3. ridered3

    WE Rock (Cone Dodging Night Event) Dayton, TN

    https://www.werocklive.com/eastern-series-3-july-16-17-kizzars-dayton-tn/ W.E. Rock Eastern Series Round 3, July 16-17, Kizzar’s Farm on the Mountain, Dayton, TN LOCATION: Kizzar’s 35 Pitt’s Gap Rd Dayton, TN 37321 PRICING: Use Discount Code: WEROCK21 to get 20% off most ticket prices...
  4. ridered3

    Digital Lug App-Ian Johnson’s App

    Ian Johnson (spikey haired Canadian) announced a new app for iTunes and Android for his production company.
  5. ridered3

    Visions Event at MidAmerica Outdoors in Jay, Oklahoma

    INTRODUCING VISIONS OFF-ROAD 2021 Mark your calendar for July 16th-25th, 2021 to experience an exciting 8 days of off-road racing & entertainment at MidAmerica Outdoors in Jay, Oklahoma. SCHEDULE v https://www.visionsoffroad.com/pages/schedule TYPES OF RACING v...
  6. ridered3

    Freespirit Hardshell Roof Top Tent (Queen Sized)

    Up for sale is a Freespirit Hard-shell Roof Top Tent (RTT). Easy open/close and basically a Queen-sized bed. Bed weighs 250 pounds and rack weighs 50 pounds. Tent material is 4-season, rip stop material that is waterproof. Have the adjustable bed rack for a truck or trailer that makes it simple...
  7. ridered3

    Hale Mountain Open Ride 6/4 - 6/6

    What/Where: Hale Mountain Open Ride (last one before it is closed for the summer). When: June 4 - June 6
  8. ridered3

    Anyone going to Rush, KY for Anniversary Bash and Ultra4 Racing???

    Rush Anniversary Bash and Ultra4 Racing are at the same park this weekend. Anyone from here going or participating in the various events/races/pit crews? https://rushoffroad.com/events/ https://www.ultra4racing.com/race/63 Assuming little dude stays in the oven, I'll be glued to the tv...
  9. ridered3

    Ultra4 - Tear Down in Tennessee (AOP, South Pittsburg, TN) East series

  10. ridered3

    Ultra4 - Battle in Bluegrass (Rush, KY) East Series

    https://www.ultra4racing.com/race/63 Friday, April 16 9AM – 2PM Driver Registration Park open for trail riding/ course inspection. 2PM MANDATORY DRIVERS MEETINGS FOR QUALIFYING AND RACE - all drivers must attend! 3:30 PM – 6PM Qualifying all classes by class (4900, 4600, 4500, 4800, 4400) NO...
  11. ridered3

    Hardline Memorial Ride Harlan,KY

    This is the Calendar entry for the ride/thread below: https://www.hardlinecrawlers.com/threads/sept-30-oct-3-hardline-memorial-ride-harlan-ky.62680/ All updates for this Calendar entry can be found at the thread above.
  12. ridered3

    KOH 2021

    https://ultra4racing.com/race/57 Who all is out at KOH 2021? Who all is watching from the couch? Who all is watching from the shop instead of working on whatever they should be working on?
  13. ridered3

    Ride for Reid 2021 @ Adventure Offroad Park

    https://www.hardlinecrawlers.com/threads/ride-for-reid-2021-march-26-28-adventure-offroad-park.62561/ Come out to the Adventure Offroad Park and Ride for Reid!!!! March 26th - 28th. We pull in to AOP...Wheel, party and throw cash in a bucket for Reid...should be a great time!!! Covid crushed...
  14. ridered3

    10th Annual Hale Mountain "FEB JAM"

    https://www.hardlinecrawlers.com/threads/feb-jam-2021-sat-6.62552/ Details Gate will open at 10am Friday February 5. Open at 8am Saturday and Sunday February 6-7. Close at 7pm each day. $ 20 per person per day. Friday until Sunday = 3 days, 2 nights camping, $60 per person. Saturday until...
  15. ridered3

    Reign of Rocks Trail Rig Crawling Comp

    Anyone watched this series yet? Has our own @Jacksonwolf39 in it :dblthumb: Part 2 comes out on Friday 1/8.
  16. ridered3

    Offroad Odometer

    After driving all over creation at Harlan, it got me curious how many miles we actually traveled. Since our Jeep doesn't have an odometer, it made me curious what everyone uses for this purpose? I'm sure there are apps out there that would track us, so please feel free to share what they are...
  17. ridered3

    WTB - Logging Mats/Pallet Mats/Timber Mats

    I'm looking for a few logging/pallet/timber mats like linked below. https://beasleyforestproducts.com/logging-mats.cms https://matraxinc.com/construction-matting-portable-roads/timber-mats-2/ I'm wanting to pickup a couple of these to use at home as semi-temporary/permanent parking for the...
  18. ridered3

    PHole Memorial Ride @ Harlan, KY October 1-4

    Main thread for this ride: https://www.hardlinecrawlers.com/threads/october-1-4-harlan-memorial-ride.62259/
  19. ridered3

    2012 Polaris RzR 800s - Lots of Aftermarket & Spare Parts - Rockvale, TN (37153)

    Up for sale is a 2012 Polaris RzR 800s. Info: Traded for this unit in September 2017 and it currently has 126 hours and 637 miles on it. New tires with steel wheels (3-4 trips on them). New front suspension components (only ridden at Hale from the parking lot to the pavilion area to make sure...
  20. ridered3

    38' Enclosed Gooseneck - 18' Living and 20' Garage - Rockvale, TN (37153)

    Up for sale is a 38’ enclosed gooseneck with 18’ living quarter area and 20’ garage area. Trailer is a 1998 United Express model. The trailer is wired for 50-amp service and has the short ceiling, but wide rear door. Bought in July 2019. Recently downsized to a 28’ tall ceiling enclosed...

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