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  1. Pock

    For Sale 85 Toyota Cab truck. Exo'd, linked front on Tons

    Such a cool rig. Don't imagine it'll take long to sell. Glws & the next venture. Fwiw... I saw your post on ig, and the wife & I love our krx. I love my crawler more, just because it's more my style, I guess. But I don't think you'll be disappointed if that's the direction you decide to go.
  2. Pock

    Labor Day Weekend 2021 - Who - What - When - Where?

    I'll be at Windrock with a small group of yotas Thursday through Sunday. Anyone else is welcome to join.
  3. Pock

    Favorite Wheeling Picture

    I have alot of "favorite" wheelin pics, but this one definitely ranks up there. This is me backing out of a poor line selection on T15 at Windrock
  4. 27930.jpeg


  5. Pock

    How many HL guys went to this event?

    Sounds like you've been there.
  6. Pock

    Let's see your tow rig!!!

    '03 factory Sport dually w/ 140k. Had it a couple years but never posted it here.
  7. 20190829_142459.jpg


  8. Pock

    Why do you stick with this hobby?

    I could write a book on this thread, like I think most of us could, but I won't. I'll just say that I recently achieved 25 years at the same job. I've loved and hated both the job and the hobby. And, good or bad, this hobby has been the reason many times I've stayed at work when I wanted so bad...
  9. Pock

    How many HL guys went to this event?

    Sorry, don't know why ALL my quotes got posted. Apparently I don't know how to use the quote feature.
  10. Pock

    How many HL guys went to this event?

    I've been wheeling an 800 acre park in Indiana with the same reputation for almost 25 years. The place is trash and attracts alot of it also. But it stays open because it makes money hand-over-fist, and people like to have a place they can party, drink, and have a good time without being...
  11. Pock

    (5) 37 Maxxis Trepador Louisville KY

    Are they stickies or standard compound?
  12. Pock

    Great American Crawl 2021 Schedule

    We have a handful of places around here within an hour or 2. Haspin acres, Badlands, Dirty Turtle, and some small private land spots that are good for a day trip. I love going anywhere South. Windrock, Aop, rode sxs's at Brimstone. Also hit Stony Lonesome last year, and Hawk Pride a couple years...
  13. Pock

    Great American Crawl 2021 Schedule

    Oh, for sure. If I lived closer, I'd go back. I just meant for the drive there is much better wheelin for us Central Indiana boys the same distance in the other direction.
  14. Pock

    Great American Crawl 2021 Schedule

    I've been to Rocks N Valleys. If you're gonna drive 5+ hrs from our neck of the woods to wheel, point your rig South.
  15. Pock

    New Years Roll 2021 Rock Bouncer Race

    Just a little further South from you, in Trafalgar.
  16. Pock

    New Years Roll 2021 Rock Bouncer Race

    Coming down from Indiana to spectate Saturday. Bringing my wife & son. Friday is supposed to be a washout here so I considered coming down early & bringing the rig just to putt around & show the wife the park. Only my 2nd time there.
  17. Pock

    Ultra4 @ Rush Offroad Park, Rush, KY-CANCELLED

    I've only been there once, but I'd say it's about as spectator friendly as you're gonna find, depending on the course. Pretty much all the big hills are right off of the parking lot.
  18. Pock

    Racing on the rocks

    I agree. I've listened, and I enjoy the content, hearing what the interviewees have to say. I certainly appreciate what the interviewer is doing, and he's a young guy just getting started, but the show could use a little polishing. 8+ minutes of shout outs & "commercials" is a bit much before...
  19. Pock

    Sold/Expired SOLD Blue Torch Fab 3 Seat Fusion Buggy (Michigan)

    Re: Blue Torch Fab 3 Seat Fusion Buggy (Michigan) Pm sent
  20. Pock

    Safety Reminder

    Last year I witnessed a guy, who had just got done winching, jump in his exo'd Toyota cab truck to pull it up the trail a few feet, slide off the side of the trail, down an embankment, roll several times, and land partially out the window with the truck laying across his back. He was wailing in...

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