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  1. waggener1

    New OE Dana 60 gear set

    I have a new, unused set of Dana 60 4.88 gears for sale. This set has the 10” ring gear that fits the ‘05 and up Ford Superduty front axles. Fits carriers 4.56 and up. The label on the box provides all the details. If interested, message me for contact information. $325 shipped Located in...
  2. waggener1

    14 Bolt 5.38 Gear Set

    This may be a long shot, but I'm looking for a set of 5.38 thick gears for a 14 bolt, preferably turned down to fit in a shaved housing. I may also be interested in a set that hasn't been turned. Colby 501 - five two nine - 0721
  3. waggener1

    LS3 Oil Pan

    I have for sale a factory oil pan and pick up tube off of a 2010 Camaro with an LS3. Both are in good condition. Located in Little Rock, AR 72227 $150 + shipping
  4. waggener1

    Corbeau Seat Covers ***SOLD***

    I have for sale a pair of Corbeau seat covers that fit the Baja SS. Good condition. No rips or tears. Located in Little Rock, AR 72227 $40 + shipping SOLD (These will likely fit in a large USPS flat rate box.)
  5. waggener1

    How far is far enough?

    So, I'm approaching the end of my build and the excitement of buggy completion is attempting to fog any clear thoughts I might have as I near the end. I've got it in my mind that my first engine start-up along with all wiring will take place after sandblasting, powder coat and reassembly. All...
  6. waggener1

    Sold/Expired 4L80E and GM t-cases

    The first item for sale is a GM 4L80e transmission. The unit was removed from a 2005 GMC 2500hd two wheel drive truck with 140,000 miles. I drove the truck prior to pulling out the engine and transmission. The transmission shifts properly and would serve as a good replacement. $675 (The...
  7. waggener1

    Sold/Expired CUSTOM JEEP YJ on UNIMOG AXLES ## SOLD on November 4, 2013 ##

    For sale is a complete Jeep YJ rock buggy. This vehicle is well built and ready to wheel! It is located close to West Helena, Arkansas, a short distance south of Memphis, TN. I've posted this ad for a buddy. Please call him with any questions. His number is listed below. TPI 350 TH700-R4 ATLAS...
  8. waggener1

    Sold/Expired 17/47-16.5 Super Swamper LTB's (set of 4) SOLD!!!!! 2/24/13

    I have for sale a set of 17/47-16.5 Super Swamper LTB's. They're in good condition. They don't have any road miles, just some rock rash. There are no plugs or patches in any of these tires. They all hold air! The cuts seen in the pictures are shallow and should be considered superficial. Notice...

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