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  1. muddinmetal

    Balance beads

    They work. BBs work as well. I recommend golf balls if you drive on the road alot. BBs make quite a rain shower noise when stopping
  2. muddinmetal

    Just another XJ

    Every XJ I have ever had did this! It's crazy This would be the only reason it would overheat because of simply being off camber
  3. muddinmetal

    Just another XJ

    I highly recommend cleaning out the system and adding vents to the hood
  4. muddinmetal

    Interior Panels

    I have no idea if they are still even in business, but Marsfab does beautiful work
  5. muddinmetal

    Radiator issue

    White vinegar has always been my go to
  6. muddinmetal

    Truck 5.3 cam

    My Rottweiler puppy chewed up the box to a custom order Eagle rotating assembly that took 18 months to get. Until I checked all the parts and realized he only chewed up one rod bearing I was seriously about to kill him :****:
  7. muddinmetal

    JKU engine advise

    So Jeep hasn't made an engine good for 100k miles in 14 years? How do they continue to get away with this ****?
  8. muddinmetal

    JKU engine advise

    So you have no more warranty or special policy thru Mopar?
  9. muddinmetal

    U joint info

    You done cracked yer starter!
  10. muddinmetal

    Super swamper measurements

    Can't help you on that exact one, but a 39.5x15x17 TSL on a 17x9 is 14.25 inches wide
  11. muddinmetal

    Reclining seat options

    I am no help on the seat selection issue, but can tell you that SEM makes fabric paint that will make those faded seats good as new in 10 minutes and it last a couple years.
  12. muddinmetal

    Fuel Injection

    97 1500, 2500, & 3500 models all had a multiport vortec style injection. The sweet spot for junkyard hunting is 1987-1995
  13. muddinmetal

    Fuel Injection

    There are options from Holley, Summit, & Fi-tech all for around $1k or less. The cheapest option is forgetting camming the motor and pulling a factory tbi system off a 87-95 sbc. A couple hundred bucks or less and you'll have a complete system that has been proven to work on millions and...
  14. muddinmetal

    French Tickler buggy

    I personally would NEVER go over a 2500 or 2600 stall on the trail
  15. muddinmetal

    French Tickler buggy

    I am betting the biggest reason the motor is feeling weak is the torque converter. You should always have PTC spec you a converter whenever possible. Also, did you have the factory torque management tuned out of the ecu?
  16. muddinmetal

    Chattanooga Whiskey Buggy Refresh

    Well thought out and very tasteful updates. Two thumbs way up!
  17. muddinmetal

    3.0 vs 3.8

    Off topic, but I have a 4.0 Jeep with a 2.8 1st, 4.0 low, and a 4.10 gear. It crawls no than when it was 2.8 ,2.72 , & 4.10 it is lower now, but still not a crawler gear
  18. muddinmetal

    3.0 vs 3.8

    What engine and trans?
  19. muddinmetal

    3.0 vs 3.8

    I do, especially since you have more transmission gear options than the average wheeler. You would be able to easily start most hills in 2nd where most other people couldn't
  20. muddinmetal

    3.0 vs 3.8

    3.8 would be my choice. But you will be just fine with the 3.0

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