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  1. 1TONZR2

    Sold/Expired 2004 one ton tj sold please delete

    Re: 2004 one ton tj Bump for a badass TJ and a good seller.
  2. 1TONZR2

    Sold/Expired Thank you vets! $100 to random vet that posts in this thread

    Been in the army national guard since 1999.....2 deployments and have been working full time for the Guard since 06..... Staff SGT Allen
  3. 1TONZR2

    Binge Worthy TV Series

    SOA Hell on Wheels House of Cards (watching now, what a great series...depicts how corrupt the dem's are...LOL.....Kevin Spacey is great) Breaking Bad Longmire (havent really watch it much, wifey couldnt get into it) Boardwalk Empire Dexter Scrubs Parks and Rec 30 Rock Peaky Blinders Walking...
  4. 1TONZR2

    My Buggy Build

    Thanks. I will be tearing it down for sure, just not sure if I wanna powdercoat it or just paint it.....the tear down will be for final weldout and finishing the stuff on the bottom. The intake is pretty cool, would like to keep it open above it, but I will probably end up skinning it. Yes...
  5. 1TONZR2

    My Buggy Build

  6. 1TONZR2

    My Buggy Build

    Got some more updates. All the plumbing is done, minus 2 of the steering lines, the new hydro resi, w/ -12 feed, mounted..all the sheetmetal inside the cab is mounted, gas pedal, cable, and TB mount for the cable, installed, bracing for the hood is pretty much done. I ended up getting a new...
  7. 1TONZR2

    Sold/Expired S10 Rock buggy UPDATED!!!

    Re: S10 Rock buggy dang, didnt know Benji had sold it.....sucks that it still hasnt been finished! Good luck with the sale. Brian
  8. 1TONZR2

    Custom fuel cell??

    or get an off the shelf one like this... http://www.jegs.com/i/RCI/821/2162AD/10002/-1
  9. 1TONZR2

    Anyone know much about IFS Chevy's

    you could always look for a semi float 14b rear. They were 6 lug and were a direct swap for the 10b if I remember right. Brian
  10. 1TONZR2

    My Buggy Build

    . Nice to see it slowly taking shape. The floor framework was cut out and flanged, so it could be removed to be able to get to the trans. The carrier bearing from M&M is mounted, just gotta measure and order the shafts from Oliver's. Put some tube gussets in the windshield area and on the...
  11. 1TONZR2

    My Buggy Build

    wow...been a while since I have updated this. Been hectic around here......burnt out a bunch of stuff on the plasma table. Tied in the C pillar/shock mount area and made a "tailgate" New Ported throttlebody from Potz Speed Got the steering ram mounted and made the steering arms double sheer
  12. 1TONZR2

    How did you get HARD(line)?

    Pdiddy....Pirate....Trailwerx X- :wtflol: good ole days. Brian
  13. 1TONZR2

    4 seat chassis post em up

    here is mine. A few specs...about 10" belly and about 71" to the roof at full bump, 115" WB. ride height will be 7-8" higher. for an idea of the size, I am 6'7" Brian
  14. 1TONZR2

    an plumbing

    I have most of that stuff on my fuel and trans lines...it went together pretty good, no idea if it leaks or not though..... :****: I got mine through Jegs Brian
  15. 1TONZR2

    Sold/Expired remove

    Re: 98% complete truggy.... Don't have time to finish. dont do it!!!! :****:
  16. 1TONZR2

    King of the Park Competition video

    Nice vid! once my rig is together, might have to check that place out.
  17. 1TONZR2

    Sold/Expired 2000 SC 3800 v6

    damn...this would be nice in my 4 runner.....
  18. 1TONZR2

    Draining catch cans

    not totally off topic, but what cans are those that you are using? I am going to need a set soon. Brian
  19. 1TONZR2

    Freeware CNC control software?

    would love to be able to table software on my laptop, so I wouldnt have to change computers after drawing something.......but I have WIN10 now. same boat with a version of solidworks I have....cant be used on this laptop and has to be ran with XP, which is extremely hard to find a good copy...
  20. 1TONZR2

    Junkyards around Harlan?

    the number posted for Chris Allen is what I have stored in my phone. He has had parts for us 2 times I have been to Harlan.....a 231 tcase and a set of lockouts he let me borrow. I had a set of 35 spline warn hubs, but busted one....he had a pair in one of his personal trucks that he wasn't...

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