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  1. flatcreek931

    Used cattle auto head squeeze Shute/ 180 sweep

    Used auto adjustable cattle squeeze Shute 2400.00/ 180 cattle sweep with 20’ alley and 2 slide gates 2800.00 both 2 years old, excellent condition just don’t need anymore.call or text 615-394-0779
  2. flatcreek931

    For Sale Wrangler crawler 24,500.00

    Price is neg. possible trades
  3. flatcreek931

    Polaris takeoffs

    Polaris razor front 29x9x14 wheels and tires, rear 29x11x14 tires and wheels. 400.00 takes all four 615-394-0779 call or text
  4. flatcreek931

    For Sale Wrangler crawler 24,500.00

    Wrangler crawler for sale, trail ready to wheel. Selling as I have to many toys to keep up with and this thing has just been sitting, description is in the photos. Call or text 615-394-0779
  5. flatcreek931

    Navigation in the buggy

    Looking for a gps unit to mount in the buggy, what’s the best all around unit for the buck needs to be able to track and save trips Offroad, be nice if you could also download the carto tracks maps any suggestions would be appreciated thanks
  6. flatcreek931

    Memorial Day

    Of course feel free we will be set up in the rv area
  7. flatcreek931

    Wetsounds Vs Crawltunes

    Had good luck with my bazooka g2 party bar
  8. flatcreek931

    Burris valley ranch

    You guys want be disappointed we didn’t get to ride tacket creek while we were there as the water level in the creek was too high Really cool having Roland guide us up asylum pretty cool guy
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  12. flatcreek931

    Burris valley ranch

    We rode both parks green acres is pretty cool also but the by far the valley is king rode three different days took us about six hrs to ride asylum but two hrs of that was replacing bills rear axle wanted to do racket creek but the water was up from all the rain Roland was a huge help the last...
  13. flatcreek931

    Burris valley ranch

  14. flatcreek931

    Burris valley ranch

    Spending the week in Burris valley found my favorite place to ride so far this place is awesome if you like old style crawling this is it but you better have a capable rig
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  19. flatcreek931

    Memorial Day


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