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  1. hokie_yj

    For Sale Sterling 10.5 install kit

    USA Standard Master install kit for a '08-'10 Ford/Sterling 10.5 using aftermarket gears. Part #ZK-F10.5-B. The shrink wrap packaging has been opened, but everything is there and unused. Bought this but ended up with an axle from an '06 truck so needed a different kit. Cheapest price I can find...
  2. hokie_yj

    For Sale 06 Rubicon LJ

    That’s a 25-30k Jeep all day on FB. Seriously post it in some LJ specific groups on there. It’ll sell quickly.
  3. hokie_yj

    For Sale Artec JL 1 ton swap brackets

    Artec 1 ton swap brackets for a Jeep JL. One complete rear axle swap bracket kit, and Apex center truss sections for both a Sterling and a 14 bolt. Also a JL/JT front frame side track bar bracket. Over $750 worth of parts. Will sell it all for $600. Will also separate. Got these with some other...
  4. hokie_yj

    For Sale 1998 XJ, 1-tons, 42s, D300, 83k miles

    I’m doing great man, hope you are too!
  5. hokie_yj

    For Sale 1998 XJ, 1-tons, 42s, D300, 83k miles

    Johnny Sherman, wheeled with him a lot back in the day. One of the best guys I’ve ever met. Haven’t seen him in years. Talked to him on the phone once a year or two ago, and keep up with him on FB. He sold the YJ years ago I believe, not sure about the Yota. If he does any wheeling now I believe...
  6. hokie_yj

    For Sale 1998 XJ, 1-tons, 42s, D300, 83k miles

    Well there’s a screen name I haven’t seen since the 4x4Grace days. Nice rig man. GLWS
  7. hokie_yj

    Looking for a Dana 70HD from a 80s model Chevy 1 ton dually and a Chevy 4 speed np205 combo

    I have a 70HD. It’s 4.10, possibly a limited slip. Not 100% sure, I haven’t opened it. I also have a set of used spicer 4.56 gears for it. And an Artec 60 truss that would if it with a little trimming. I’m in Northeast, TN (Johnson City).
  8. hokie_yj

    Dodge dana 60

    IIRC it was D50 TTB spindles drilled to bolt up to the UB knuckles. I have the Dodge UB outers on my single seat buggy, with custom 300m shafts from CTM.
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  12. hokie_yj

    Favorite Wheeling Picture

    Fall of ‘07 in Harlan on the 1st ledge of Lower Damnation before the whole trail completely changed. I had just finished the SOA and axle swap in the YJ and this was my first “hardcore” trip. I followed two buggies, and two stretched/linked Jeeps on 42s around all day. I was pretty proud of...
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  14. hokie_yj

    TMR customs ram mount

    TMR Customs hydro ram mount. Brand new, only took it out of the box to hold up to my axle. Very nice mount, just won’t really work for my application without completely chopping it up. $179+ shipping new, will take $160 shipped to the lower 48. Would also trade for a Goatbuilt ram mount...
  15. hokie_yj

    Yukon load bolt Nodular 3rd member

    Yukon 3.25” bearing nodular load bolt 3rd member. Never been used, just a little dirty from sitting in the shop for a while. All bearing surfaces are perfect. Only selling because I’m going a different direction with my axle. Located in Surgoinsville, TN. $500 OBO. Willing to ship if you pay.
  16. hokie_yj

    Gen3 LS truck injectors

    I may have a set from an ‘03 LQ9, I think one is broken though. I’ll check in the shop tomorrow evening.
  17. hokie_yj

    KMC beadlock issue

    I had this issue recently with 1 out of my 5 40” Treps mounting them on Method 105 beadlocks. 4 of them that I took off my old wheels mounted up easily, but the 5th tire was a spare that hadn’t been mounted in a long time and had been sitting upright in the shop for a few years. I think that had...
  18. hokie_yj

    USA 6x6 wheels

    Give Stazworks a try on the inserts.
  19. hokie_yj

    LS truck oil pan

    I have one in the shop.

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