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  1. 30th6

    Free ballistic fab 1.25 joints,9/16 misalignment hole.

    I pulled these off my rig to swap to heims. They all seem like there in ok shape. Free if anyone wants them there in Killen al.
  2. 30th6

    What accessory drive for sbc with psc pump

    My buggy has a sbc 383, it has a cvf racing accessory drive on it now. The previous owner cut the back support bracket off on the power steering pump, He said it wouldn't fit the psc pump. It keeps throwing belts. I've tried to make support brackets with no luck on getting the belt aligned. What...
  3. 30th6

    Need opinions on headers/exhaust on buggy

    My new buggy has a 383 big heads/cam holley sniper, th350,atlas. The headers that are on it are outside the frame and I can't keep exhaust on it because I use it as a slider.. I've looked for a short header that I could use with a muffler but I can't seem to find what I need. I'd rather run it...
  4. 30th6

    Question on selling a buggy out of state.

    I have someone lined up to buy my buggy that lives in California, im in (AL) he has a friend that lives in Arkansas that wants to come test drive it and make the purchase for him. He said his friend is not comfortable with bringing cash. He wants to bring a cashier check. I know there is a lot...
  5. 30th6

    Opinion on my gear setup

    Does this look ok? How tight is to tighton backlash? I always run them tight for off-road only. I have about .03 now but everything seems to move smooth.
  6. 30th6

    Help with gearing/tq conv.

    My buggy (heavy 4 seater) has a 5.3 with a big cam,ptc stall,th350,205, cucv (456) gears and 43 sx sticky. The buggy defiantly needs more gear for crawling but I don't want to change the axle gears because of strength and I feel like it would need more than 538s to get a real low range. The...
  7. 30th6

    Torque cam for lsx

    This cam has 3 rides on it, it runs great and has a little chop at idle, makes good power. It's very similar to the brian tooley stage 2 truck cam. I just changed to a larger cam for my needs. It is a factory regrind cam. I've had it checked at a local cam grinder and it is what the cam card...
  8. 30th6

    Breaking bell housings, need help

    I was pulling the engine today and noticed the bell housing is broke . Every single mount is poly. Is this just a fluke or am I gonna have to pull this pos outside and burn it to the ground. 5.3, th350, 205. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  9. 30th6

    Hydraulic steering just quit

    I was at hpo today parked my buggy got back in 10 min later to have no steering. I eventually got it to turn while the engine was revving pretty high and rolling at the same time. I checked the fluid it's clean and luke warm, the pump would squeal when it did turn. The whole setup minus the...
  10. 30th6

    Drive by wire pedal water proof?

    I have a dbw pedal in my buggy and it's not protected from water/dust. Are the pedals water/dust proof? If not what would you recommend to seal it up? Dbc is not a option Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  11. 30th6

    Tagging a buggy?

    I'm almost done with my buggy and I want to put a tag on it just to run back roads. I have access to a jeep Cherokee vin and title, but I don't know how to legally swap the vin and title to the buggy. Any help would be appreciated, I'm in Alabama and the buggy has brake lights and tail lights...
  12. 30th6

    Wilwood break question

    I have wilwood manual breaks on my buggy. The front m/c is a 3/4 and the rear is 7/8. The buggy has 1/2 Chevy calipers on all 4 corners. The guy at wilwood is the one that suggested the mc sizes, but the front breaks suck. The pedal goes all the way to the floor, while the pedal for the rear...
  13. 30th6

    The Caddy 4 seater buggy.

    I wanted a 4 seater buggy that has plenty of room for 4 adults that didn't look like a school bus. This was built at Rockwood off-road. Smurfy 90 and I put in some long nights on this build. Specs 08 5.3 Th350 205 60 front 14 rear Fox Coil overs Air bumps 42 pitbulls Sent from my...
  14. 30th6

    Sold/Expired Tekonsha prodigy brake controller $75

    Like new with box, instructions, holder and wiring harness for a 2012 dodge. These are great brake controllers. $75 plus the ride or pick up in killen al 35645 256 443 0234 Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  15. 30th6

    Sold/Expired S10 cab truck tbi 350,205,tons great 39.5s

    I just got these two trucks in a package deal and need to move them. The green truck has a Dana 60 front 410s, drive slugs with Detroit locker hydro steering, 14 bolt rear 410s welded disk breaks , 4 speed, 205, 350 throttle body injected , 4 39.5 tsls in great shape and 2 39.5 boogers in...
  16. 30th6

    What wilwood master cylinder for tons?

    What does everyone run for 60/14 with rear disk? I searched but couldn't find a answer. I had a 99 dodge 2500 m/c on my jeep with the same brakes and they stoped great. The dodge m/c is 1.25 bore size but I have never ran manual brake breaks and didn't know if I need something with a different...
  17. 30th6

    Sold/Expired Wtb a small cam for 5.3

    Looking for a small cam under 220 duration and .550 or under lift, around a 112 lsa Pm me if you have one
  18. 30th6

    Sold/Expired Razor front seat $50

    I bought a set of seats but only need one for my daughter's go cart. Here's the other one. No brackets. Killen al
  19. 30th6

    Sold/Expired Small cam for ls, and afm delete on 08 5.3

    I need a small cam around 220 duration and a active fuel management delete for a 08 5.3. Closer to Killen al the better
  20. 30th6

    Sold/Expired Poor boy rock hopper chassis

    I'm putting up my juggy for sale. It's solid and is still setup for a sbc, comes with radiator, Taurus fan, and all the mounts. A few people on this site know this buggy and know what it can do. 1994 Jeep yj title in hand Tubing is dom 1.75 x .120 120" wheelbase 14 bolt with only 410s and...

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