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  1. KickinChicken

    I’m thinking of replacing my glass windshield

    for something lighter like Lexon or some other type of plexiglass. How thick is the glass on a CJ?
  2. KickinChicken

    21 spline input transfer case

    I need one for my ‘97 TJ 4 cylinder/AX5
  3. KickinChicken

    Sold/Expired Ring and pinion for AMC 20 w 4.10 ratio

    ...... I'm in Anniston, Al
  4. KickinChicken

    Places to ride in Habersham county Ga.....

    My girlfriend lives there and thought about wheeling up there many times. If any of you know of some cool places I would greatly appreciate the info. Plus if/when y'all are riding up that way, lemme know. TIA
  5. KickinChicken

    First post......

    I'm new to the board but some of you know me. I currently live in Anniston Alabama but lived in Bham from '87 - '99 and got my first jeep (1979 CJ7) the week before the '93 snow storm. That jeep was a golden eagle with the decal of the eagle on the hood. Well, it had been rolled a time or two...

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