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  1. Eddyj

    1971 lemans

    For sale: $8000 1971 Pontiac Lemans 400 Pontiac Auto trans Ac, pb, ps Bucket seats Center console shift Car runs and drives. It starts stops and steers well enough to drive it around town. It is a project car and has rust. I would much rather sell this to a friend on Facebook then having...
  2. Eddyj

    Baby mudders

    I’m looking for some 30-32 15 mud tires to get my daughters tracker on the trail. Not really sure how much clearance the rig will have so just need something to get it rolling. im in Orlando headed to Bham in the next couple of weeks
  3. Eddyj

    Front diff from tracker

    Looking for a front diff from first gen auto tracker. if it’s a man Tran I’ll need rear diff also.
  4. Eddyj

    Samurai transfer case

    Looking for case for kid buggy build.
  5. Eddyj

    Big ol race trailer

    I’ve got a big ol race car trailer fur sale. It is a chaperral brand trailer which from what the old timer who use to race in circles told me was the “best damn trailer built” It’s about 44ish feet. asking $6208 Has separate living quarters and I did a spring over conversion so it pulls level...
  6. Eddyj

    Kid crawler

    I’m looking at getting a little rig for my daughter to drive. I really don’t like having my kids in my buggy cause the guy that built it is an idiot and did not take safety into consideration. Ask anyone who has rode in the passenger seat. I’m not looking to build a full on kids buggy yet until...
  7. Eddyj

    Parking brake

    So a FIF of mine ended up in a bad situation that could have been avoided by having a working parking brake. So I’ve been looking at options. The most interesting is using a Tesla parking brake caliper that uses 12v to set and release, but not actually hold. then I found this...
  8. Eddyj

    Security system recommendations

    Looking for recommendations. I currently don’t have WiFi at my house but could get it if need be. Other concerns are I’m away from property a lot and would like to be connected and notified and I have a long driveway and would like to have driveway sensors that have to be able to pick up 1000ish...
  9. Eddyj

    Memorial Ride for Charlie

    Choccolocco is having a ride.
  10. Eddyj

    Gator Jeep

    My father in laws grandfather bought a Jeep and it’s been sitting for about 10 years. At their hunting property. Father in law has memories of riding in this when he was just a wee lil lad. They also use to “target practice” from the back seat. We went and picked it up today. I’m not real...
  11. Eddyj

    LS truck oil pan

    I whacked my pan on a rock and need a replacement. Pickup should be fine just need a pan. I’m willing to pay upwards of 3 funnel cakes
  12. Eddyj


    I feel like all the off road parks are getting better but I got to spend 4 days straight at choc this week and let me tell you this park has gotten better the last couple years. The older trails have gotten harder but new trails are everywhere. I heard people say everything from that park is...
  13. Eddyj

    Bumpstop problem

    I got two problems: 1. I’m a cheap ass and bought used 4inch bumps and only need 2.5-3. They are old bilstein and I’m not sure how to disassemble them to put in a spacer/limiter. So if anyone has experience with the older style Bilsteins or can find info I’d appreciate it. 2. They need to sit...
  14. Eddyj

    Plasma table in Bham

    I’m trying to get a small job done. While in lockdown. Anyone have a plasma table in Bham? I need 80 3inch x 4inch plates cut
  15. Eddyj


    Unfortunately after a few leaf looking Sunday trail rides one of my LED lights that I had purchased from rednecklights on this forum has failed due to no fault of my own. I mounted these lights with the supplied hardware and followed the installation instructions. I would like to get in touch...
  16. Eddyj

    40ft gooseneck

    I’m considering selling a trailer, doesn’t look like what I had planned for it is going to work out. 2019 40ft with ramps 17.5 rims $5500
  17. Eddyj

    Polish axle

    I am offering this to my fake internet friends before anyone else... this may be a once in a life time offer for you to own a authentic 20,000 pound axle imported from Poland. I know what your thinking!! What would a man like yourself do with such an awesome piece of over engineered crap. well...
  18. Eddyj

    U joint info

    Is there a front axle shaft that runs a 1410 u joint?
  19. Eddyj

    Winchester Tn oct 5th

    County fair has bouncer and sxs races on Saturday morning. $1000 for first
  20. Eddyj

    Area 51

    I really hope they whoop the **** out of a dozen or so of those idiots

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