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    jeep 4.0L oil pan -

    '06 wrangler 4.0L - is there any difference in the oil pans between the older wranglers and XJ's? mine is bashed in really good and I don't want to have to pay for one at the dealer next time it's in for service ... which needs to be soon as they've got a recall out on the clutch linkage...
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    Trail rig manifesto

    ok kids, keep it clean and above the belt ... :flipoff: Emulsion shocks NOT reservoir shocks shock bushings NOT shock heims oil shocks NOT air shocks rubber bumpstops NOT even more shocks TRE's NOT spherical rod ends / heims suspension links use bushings NOT spin-infinity joints (we're not...
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    in-town wheeling park

    if someone were to come in and put in, say, a 10 acre off-road park with all man made obstacles, what would you pay to play? I think for a lot of people, off-road is more motorsport than getting out to the woods / mountains. if you just want some place to test your driving skills and vehicle...
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    local place for gussets, smaller bits?

    is there some place locally you can find some gussets and smaller fab bits? traditionally i've always ordered from aa, but need a few things for a small project to be completed for the weekend. cheers -isaac
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    anybody able to take a weekday session down to evans or reiter?

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