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  1. Zjman

    Hardline Memorial Ride Harlan,KY 2022

    Yup. Rained about all day and my buddies rig went down in a torrential thunderstorm. Good times
  2. Zjman

    Hardline Memorial Ride Harlan,KY 2022

    Bullshit. Sunday sucked
  3. Zjman

    Hardline Memorial Ride Harlan,KY 2022

    We rode Harlan one year with my old crew about 7-8 years ago and it rained all weekend from a hurricane coming up through. The rain sucked but traction was awesome. Think that’s the year I done lions den in my old zj buggy. I sure hope for cool dry weather
  4. Zjman

    Hardline Memorial Ride Harlan,KY 2022

    My group is. Be got the big new cabin on the hill. On a side note if that hurricane hits the gulf middle next week we could be ****ed depending which way it tracks.
  5. Zjman

    Fuel pressure guage

    Another great thing about the fuel mat is that it also serves as a filter. I’m sure some very small stuff could get through but not much
  6. Zjman

    Fuel pressure guage

    Put one in my rig last year and love it, bebop had a great write up on installing it and I followed that and no issues whatsoever, my paws are big and hard to get it all inside to work but was well worth it, haven’t ran outta fuel yet on really off camber situations
  7. Zjman

    Trailer to Trade

    Deck over trailer is pretty sweet, my zj buggy fit very well on my bumper pull, it had one fender that was removable, went tons on my next rig and trailer was a bitch to load on. Pretty much destroyed the other fender so I cut it off and rig still barely fit, now I have a gooseneck. Will never...
  8. Zjman

    Trailer to Trade

    I stopped at my local trailer place Saturday to pick up all new brakes for my new to me gooseneck and I asked about new trailer prices and he said they are up 60%, my bumper pull I bought new 8 years ago for 3200 bucks is now 85000. Hell no. Keep what ya got u less ya really make out on a trade
  9. Zjman

    Atturo stickies?

    Goforth tire. You have to call and talk to Scott personally to get the deal. I emailed him at first then called when they came in. I’d bet the waiting list is couple months by now
  10. Zjman

    Hardline Memorial Ride Harlan,KY 2022

    I got repairs to make from this past weekend
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  12. Zjman

    This place is dead...

    Sxs are taking over the wheeling world, you can easily finance your 40k new hobby. Sign and drive and no tools to buy or skills to hone and no build threads
  13. Zjman

    For Sale Custom built rock crawler

    You buy that rig out of Ohio ?
  14. Zjman

    Hardline Memorial Ride Harlan,KY 2022

    Friday evening for my group.
  15. Zjman

    92 Toyota streetable crawler

    Yup I tried to get all my buddies to buy it. They too cheap and dumb
  16. Zjman

    Trying to get it mostly right the first time: A 5.9 Magnum and 46RE swapped, Tummy Tucked Daily Driven Jeep TJ

    I doubt the rear ds will work once ya install the 8.8. It’s actually a little longer so the ds will be too long and will need to be shortened. My buddy just done a sye on a tj and he has the 8.8 and the driveshaft he ordered musta been for a d35 cause it’s too long. Hope you have better luck...
  17. Zjman

    Commies sliding into my DMs...

    Did ya have a answer? :ROFLMAO:
  18. Zjman

    Hardline Memorial Ride Harlan,KY 2022

    I will be there as well as long as our group survives the summer lol
  19. Zjman

    Let's see your tow rig!!!

    The radio screen is very dismal. Sad a truck has a screen the size of a iPod lol. There was a ton of room for a legit screen. I do like the backup camera especially when ya hooking to trailer and ya change camera angle and it shines right over the ball. Bigger screen been real nice then

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