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  1. Gittinit

    Sold/Expired Corbeau Suspension Seats and Accessories

    Can I get a quote for two shipped to 72450.... black, vinyl,ultra, wide
  2. Gittinit

    Sold/Expired JD2 hydraulic bender, stand and dies for sale

    If you decide to separate I may be interested in the 2" die.
  3. Gittinit

    Sold/Expired Sold thanks hardline

    Re: Mountain Logan dana 60 35 spline drive flanges 150 shipped Would you do $125 shipped for an unsponsored poor kid?
  4. Gittinit

    Am I over reacting?

    Uvcant controlled this guy but damn you shouldn't have to... Wemon know how to cock block better than anyone. If your wife wasn't the least bit intrigued by this outside attention this wouldn't be an issue, she wouldn't just stop it she would run from it and create ways to not be in this...
  5. Gittinit

    Sold/Expired Sold thanks hardline

    Re: Gm 14 bolt rear disc brake brackets 3/4 ton calipers new 35 shipped I'll take these, pm me
  6. Gittinit

    rockcrawler for sale

  7. Gittinit

    who's got the best inner C's ?

    Did you happen to get pictures, I'd love to see some carnage, might get me second guessing my solid knuckles.
  8. Gittinit

    DMT Fab Transformer

    Thanks for the kind words and while I'm proud of what I built its not all that... Carlton is in-between...he finally destroyed the lil sidekick, I started cutting up a tracker for him that then snowballed, stalled and stopped before ever even getting anything picture worthy. And it's still...
  9. Gittinit

    DMT Fab Transformer

    Jeff, meet Dave, Dave, Jeff... Lol... Got mine going again Dave... Get on the ball, ready to see ya wheel again.
  10. Gittinit

    Ride height?

    Didn't he get permaban? Lmao..
  11. Gittinit

    BALLISTIC FABRICATION (back to there old ways again)

    Apples to apples I like the ballistic product so much better. The one time I ordered link brackets from ruff stuff the brackets were overstressed and cracked where they were formed. The angled link brackets were skimpy on material and the general way they cut the shape of their brackets made me...
  12. Gittinit

    full manual valve body

    I went with the engine breaking and now looking back wish I didn't. I really dislike downshifting and getting whiplash when going to first. I'm hopeful changing torque converter to one with a higher than stock stall will help but I don't know if it would.
  13. Gittinit

    Solid Kingpin Knuckles WTF

    What did solid or the vendor u bought them from say about your issues? Perhaps there is a junk batch that got through quality control...
  14. Gittinit

    Lathe work on hardened material

    I'd say that is very likely. Best I could have done was a rotary table on the mill as far as doing like you suggest... Couldn't imagine cranking that rotary table that much though. The shop I work in is setup for specific die repair so I'm limited on tools.
  15. Gittinit

    Lathe work on hardened material

    Hardness wasn't specified... I suppose if he didn't know to use a carbide bit on hardened steel, that knowing actual Rockwell hardness of the materials being machined, was out of the question. The long field treated ring gear I shaved for my 14 bolt was impossible to turn in the big lathe. I...
  16. Gittinit

    Lathe work on hardened material

    Make an attachment to hold a die grinder in place of your tool holder. Grinding hardened material is easier and can produce a more finished look. I'd bet u can buy different grits of die grinding bits/stones cheaper than carbide or diamond. You will want to be able to either run water over the...
  17. Gittinit

    Batman Will

    Always good for entertainment factor. Like watching a car wreck....I just gotta look!
  18. Gittinit

    Single pass finned PS cooler

    Re: Thanks thats good to know. I see nowhere air can get trapped but pushing the volume of fluid up the cooler concerned me. Don't know why....
  19. Gittinit

    Single pass finned PS cooler

    Yea won't fit anywhere close to the steering system not to mention I already have one like what's pictured in my link. I'm dealing with some crazy tight space because I'm keeping my radiator front mounted in an already small engine bay. I'd post a pic if I could figure out how from my phone.
  20. Gittinit

    How does ever one stay motivated

    Guaranteed! Love my wife love my shop time a little more.

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