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  1. J

    Sold/Expired 93 YJ Tub with title

  2. J

    Car Stereo Stuff Question

    No, it's not that simple.
  3. J

    Car Stereo Stuff Question

    There could be a crossover somewhere in the system and you won't get full range out of your new speaker. I buy from Crutchfield because they know exactly what goes in each spot and will include any adapters needed for your vehicle.
  4. J

    trails to hit?

    When we used to play there, Shoestring, Kaner
  5. J

    Toyota Front Leaf Springs

    I'm no Toyota expert but the front crossmember/spring hanger is what you see on the SAS Toyotas. Probably means the frame is newer than 1985. If you're happy with the height just use those springs.
  6. J

    Sold/Expired Need dana 44 odds & ends

    I have a welded carrier, 2 spindles and probably could find yokes if you made the drive here. :eeek:
  7. J

    Goatbuilt JHF buggy build

    So in the rear the uppers are now 2" shorter than lowers? What is the difference in the front? What are your anti squat/anti dive numbers if you don't mind? I'm working on my first f/r 4 link and I'm curious what works good in our area.
  8. J

    Sold/Expired Kmc beadlocks

    What size and backspacing?
  9. J

    Finally....Da new rig..

    Why not run the lines down the upper link?
  10. J

    Finally....Da new rig..

    Toyotas owners wish for 60s. Usually they get them when they switch to a jeep.
  11. J

    Finally....Da new rig..

    Which part is Toyota?
  12. J

    Pros/cons of ORV tabs?

    Don't bother going to the Manashtash/Little Naches area. You need to be street legal (plates) to run any main forest road. you will be limited to trails only.
  13. J

    P/S pump recommendations

    Those are both a type/ style and have nothing to do with the company.
  14. J

    Old Warn M8000 Problems

    No more moving parts in the control pack. WARN 83664 9.5 XP-S Contactor Pack https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004YTOHPC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_SBFNybKA3QWDK
  15. J

    PCM/VCM reflash--who?

    Josh at 208 Motorsports did my tbi converted 289. Highly recommend.
  16. J

    Fasteners for roof panels

  17. J

    Fasteners for roof panels

    I've done it once so far. Trick tabs and button heads, 1/4-20. I will do the same on my new cage.
  18. J

    Portable propane fire pits

    Mines a camp chef from Costco a few years ago. They all have wimpy flames out of the box. Lots of people say to drill out the jet but it made no difference on mine. I ended up buying a new hose and adjustable regulator that made all the difference. I can empty a 20lb tank in one evening of...
  19. J

    Wagon trail opening?

    From the Little Naches side the main road has snow starting about the 1913, as of Friday May 6th.
  20. J

    Browns Camp

    Been once. I would definetly go again.

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