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  1. wizzo

    Sold/Expired M&M Offroad 4 seater Chassis (Price Drop)

    Selling my 4 seat M&M chassis. If you call up PJ right now, I'm sure you will be waiting 6+ months to get a chassis. This is not a fire sale. I don't have to sell it and if it doesn't sell, I'll build it some time next year. No I'm not interested in trades, parts, john boats or your brother's...
  2. wizzo

    Chattanooga Whiskey Buggy Refresh

    Andrew (redneckengineered) and I had been talking about him either having a new chassis built and me swapping parts or doing a full tear down and refresh on his current buggy. He was happy with just about everything on his current and the OG Revolution WOD chassis. So the decision was made to go...
  3. wizzo

    Brake Caliper Comparison (Mark Williams & Wilwood)

    There has been some discussion in the 14 bolt front axle build thread. So I wanted to make a separate thread as to not dilute the other with only brake caliper info. Numbers on a chart don’t necessarily tell the whole story. The Mark Williams caliper is made from aircraft grade aluminum...
  4. wizzo

    DBBRS Memorial Day Sale

    To celebrate Memorial Day weekend, we're offering free shipping and 10% off of Mark Williams GM 30 & 40 spline 14 bolt spools, 14 bolt yokes and flange, Atlas yokes and CV flanges, Dana 60 yokes, 9" yokes. We have 1350, 1410 and 1480 options. For pricing or to place an order email...
  5. wizzo

    Fuel cell replacement parts

    I've got a JEGS brand "circle track" fuel cell in my buggy. I believe it is just a private labeled RCI unit. The top plate is starting to leak from the two fittings when the cell is full. I can get replacement seals for the fittings and the large 16 bolt plate gasket. But I'm not finding the...
  6. wizzo

    WOD Hill Killer Chassis Build

    In an effort to hopefully add some more tech to the forum, I thought I'd share this project I've been working on. A friend of mine picked up this chassis as a roller from WOD. Basically, drive train mounted, links, shocks, axles, interior panels and fire wall. He worked on it as he could but...
  7. wizzo

    Blue Holler Off Road Park March 2-4

    Opening Weekend March 2-4 Daily from 8:00am-6:00pm 1500 Ollie Rd, Mammoth Cave, KY 42259-8463 Park Admission is $15 per person Didn't get a chance to go when they were open before. Gonna check it out Saturday (March 3rd) as long as weather isn't terrible. Anybody else going?
  8. wizzo

    Sold/Expired 01 tahoe transport toy hauler

    SOLD Pulls great, generator built in, looking to go a different route. Huge water tanks. Refrigerator runs off electric or gas, heat and air work good. Rear door opening is 88". Buggy pictured is 120" wheel base full 1ton on 43" tires.
  9. wizzo

    Sold/Expired 4 seater tube chassis buggy

    POSTING FOR A FRIEND Contact Josh Thomerson @ 270-670-1391 or PM me here with any questions $22000.00 Located in Glasgow, KY Very capable, dependable buggy. Seats four normal sized adults well. Built this buggy in 2011 it has been beat on and used. Buggy has dented tubes and rock rash. It is...
  10. wizzo

    Express Diesel Services/ Smokin' Diesel Performance & Off-Road

    Anyone familiar with them in Birmingham? PM me if you are please. 3110 Pinson Valley Pkwy Birmingham, AL 35217 Owners name is Zach Stribling
  11. wizzo

    Sold/Expired LS motor parts - Clevite connecting rod & main bearings

    Qty: 8 rod bearings Qty: 1 set of main bearings For LS motor. Standard size. Brand new. Jumped the gun and ended having to turn the crank, so don't need these. $170
  12. wizzo

    Sold/Expired Found

    Need one. Let me know what you have.
  13. wizzo

    Sold/Expired 14" coil over(s)

    Looking for a 14" Bilstein 9100 coil over shock. Used or new. Would consider a pair of used 14" Fox or King in 2.0 or 2.5 with remote reservoir. Had a shock go missing this past weekend.
  14. wizzo

    Sold/Expired 321 Magnum Chassis by EOR

    LS 6.0L w/ZO6 cam Built 350 turbo Lomax 205 transfercase Chevy Dana 60 front w/ chromoly yukon shafts and super joints 14 bolt rear 43" SX stickies on allied beadlocks Clean buggy Located in Woodbury, TN Price: $35,000 Contact: Scott Eades 615-653-9342
  15. wizzo axle shafts & yoke

    After breaking a few stock 14 bolt shafts, I decided I wanted to invest in some quality shafts rather than just keep throwing money at junk yard shafts. I was buy pairs for $100, you do that a few times and it starts adding up. Obviously there are many after market shaft options available but I...
  16. wizzo

    New "Bridge" at Golden Mountain

    Got a couple pics from Steve "rockwell 1" showing the new bridge. I don't know who all helped but definitely want to thank Steve and everyone who took the time to build a new bridge. I'm sure he can share what all was done and who helped.
  17. wizzo

    Sold/Expired Built Chevy Dana 60 Front Housing

    I'm selling this housing and what is welded on/ attached. Inner C to inner C, I hope that is clear enough *will have a fresh coat of paint soon* Comes with: Artec truss & ram mount system PSC DE ram mounting plates Ruff Stuff lower link tabs & shock mount tabs Artec upper link mounts Yukon...
  18. wizzo

    Sold/Expired 203/205 doubler

    Posting for a buddy, contact info at the bottom of post Wide Open Design adapter and assembled by WOD as well. Never used once it was put together. Chevy 205 w/ Ford front output installed. Price: $900 Location: Glasgow, KY Contact: Terry at 615-477-2429
  19. wizzo

    Sold/Expired Jeep Grand Cherokee Juggy Chassis

    Posting for a friend, contact info at the bottm Started life as a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Has been gutted, cut up, etc. Has interior cage, uni-body plated for strength. Mounts are there and ready for LS style engine, th400 & atlas. Pic when it was complete As it sits more pics...
  20. wizzo

    Sold/Expired Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 40x13.5x17 mounted on Pro Comp 29 series wheels

    POSTING FOR A FRIEND, CONTACT INFO BELOW 4 brand new wheels and tires, only used as rollers. Wheels are 17x8.5 w/ 8 on 170 lug pattern. Wheels are simulated bead locks $2100 Located in Glasgow, KY Contact: Joe 270-646-8493

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