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  1. tonybolton

    Anyone ever cut their tires like this?

    ...if not, I'm callin it the Jesus Cut cuz the side cuts are like cross.
  2. tonybolton

    So it's the year 2050, what are we gonna see on the trails (not the races)?

    Still be running 14 bolts, or everyone moved on to Axletech's for "trail riding"? Rigs on 43's driving to/from the trail? Will XJ's still be around? Will JK's be the new XJ's? IFS / IRS stuff? No more kingpins / all ball-joints / unit bearing? RZR's the size of Jeeps on 40s? The above...
  3. tonybolton

    Somebody buy Crossville dragway

  4. tonybolton

    Why are all truck drivers big pieces of shit?

    **** CLICKBAAAAAIT!!!**** Anyway.....are alot of truck drivers oblivious to modern GPS usage? At work I have at least 3 or 4 truck drivers not able to find delivery/pickup destinations. Young, old....not age common denominator . I'll punch the address in on my phone and it pops right up and...
  5. tonybolton

    Anything to do in Lenoir North Carolina?

    .....doesn't look like it. Eats? Drinks? Gotta go to's? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  6. tonybolton

    Sold/Expired Shitty ass Toyota axles owned by a homosexual who has a twin named Nick

    1500 obo Owner is too busy watching gay porn and taking notes to post here....but 20 bucks is 20 bucks. Located in east tn... prolly in a back alley with anal lube on'em so they won't rust. Thanks for looking...and yes...the for sale part is real. He wanted weaker axles so he used a LP60.
  7. tonybolton

    Anyone close to the Marietta, GA area?

    Would you care to check out a car for me at a car dealership?
  8. tonybolton


    Anyone ever bought a car through them? Looks....interesting....
  9. tonybolton

    Who was it here that worked or owned a Ford dealership?

    I've scoured some searchings on here and my PM's but can't seem to find the contact. Anyone have info for me?
  10. tonybolton

    Anybody around Trenton GA?

    ...should be down that way ta'morry
  11. tonybolton

    HP D50 vs LP D60.........FIGHT! (((hardline revival thread)))

    The post random pic thread sparked this. Let's argue about some numbers and such.... Try to make it as apples to apples as we can be so lets state both have the highest potential for ring gear failure.....some ratio in the 5.38 or whatever range. Who wins the battle of wheeling axle / diff...
  12. tonybolton

    Realistic cost to convert YJ Juggy to skinnable buggy

    I'm sure a few know / have seen what I currently wheel...most are jealous of my hood so I know most should know. ;) I don't do work / repair like this. I don't mind maintaining and fixing random things that break but large/heavy stuff I don't like to F-with...or engines...or...
  13. tonybolton

    VIN checks anybody?

  14. tonybolton

    Untapped phone app

    Who's on it? It's like Facebook....for beer people.
  15. tonybolton

    Trail fix pix thread

    Was browsing some good fails/fixes last night on youtube/insta and some were pretty awesome. What does our 1% of the community have to offer? This is when my front lower Link Bar ripped off on Razorback at Golden Mountain. It actually felt pretty solid getting out of there. LOL. Ratchet strap...
  16. tonybolton

    Sold/Expired Hardline divorce sale /// 1 ton yj

    92 YJ has title 43's winch 1/2ton breaks like to sail everything... apparently I'm not welcome to who I thought were my friends. thanks see pix attached
  17. tonybolton

    Mothers day / Sunday May help

    Besides the wife and a few distant relatives.....she's all I got left. She's still a feisty ol' gal, but she realizing she can't move/lift/operate like she used to. I hate it for her but she tries to stay positive. We walked to the back of our 1 acre field and she was heavily winded. She used...
  18. tonybolton

    Anybody here work for Ford / Ford dealership?

    Need this: jr3z-9424-a
  19. tonybolton

    Alternate non conformist way to participate in V-day (tomorrow)

    I hate holidays like not a card person, but still usually do SOMETHING. Any tips from the peanut gallery of "my wife is my baaaast fraaaaaand" gang? Leaning towards the "20$ of flowers delivered to work" thing / go out to eat TONIGHT or day AFTER V-day to avoid terrible people and...
  20. tonybolton

    Rain-a-polooza 18

    Anyone do anything worth anything during this crappy weekend? I made sure no one stole my recliner and TV, then helped squeegee / vacuum out a basement. :-\ Watched DONT HANG UP on a hope that it was good...and not too bad for a non mainstream movie.