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  1. kmcminn

    Roll Call for Ultra4 at AOP

    Me and @RFREYNOLDS will be there in my rig.
  2. kmcminn

    CSC quitting offroad?

    :dunno: Surprised?
  3. kmcminn

    1350 14 bolt yoke sold

    14 bolt yoke is from Northen Drivetrain Located in Cullman AL Pm for phone number yoke is 65$
  4. kmcminn

    Various master cyclinders. 7/8, 1, ? Wildwood brake pedal. WOD pedal mount

    Make offer Cullman AL Pm for phone number Pedal is new Mount is new Master cylinders used, I dont know condition. May be bad may be good
  5. kmcminn

    Wide Open Design Accumulator Adapter

    I ran this thing for a couple months. Its the biggest pos I have paid for. I can't get it to quit leaking. I got tired of it leaking and went a different route. Make offer Cullman AL Pm for phone number
  6. kmcminn

    IBP's versus Bypasses

    Looking at doing some shock upgrades sometime in the future. I like the idea of ibp shocks cause I wouldnt have to change my mounts. With Ibp's I would have to buy new springs. So the price comes up a wash, time I mount the bypasses. Anyone dealt with any internal bypass shocks? Are they...
  7. kmcminn


    4.56 gears, ECGS spool, Spicer 35 shafts, skull and crossbones drive flanges, 1410 yoke, Wide Open Design Truss, BTF high steer arms, Yukon hub on one side factory on other, seals it axle tube seals, WOD PSC double ended ram mounting plate, setup for 1.250 Heims with 1.000 bolts, ballistic fab...
  8. kmcminn

    Best Th 350 Rebuild kit

    I know everyone say carry to PTC. But what is the best kit for a transmission. From simmit or Jegs.
  9. kmcminn

    Random Tech Pics that dont need a thread

    Unit bearings are ready.
  10. kmcminn

    Time Flys

  11. kmcminn

    Baddest Trail Rig in the Southeast.

    Alright Bitches, who has the baddest trail rig in the Southeast? I'm not talking about some buggy that gets raced. I'm talking about a legit trail buggy. I'm voting Redneckengineered.
  12. kmcminn

    Sold/Expired Griffin 31 x 15 Radiator 75$

    Radiator is like new never ran cause it has a few holes in it. Radiator shop said it could be fixed but Im not willing to run it in my new rig. Priced cheap enough to fix and still be a hundo under new cost. Has 16 an fittings welded on it. Located in Cullman AL. 75 dollars Pm me for my number.
  13. kmcminn

    Sold/Expired Chevy Dana 60 Wheel Hub single rear

    Like title says need ok new pretty quick trying to save having to make a drive for one. Closer to cullman the better.
  14. kmcminn

    LS Water Pumps going bad

    Anyone else having any issues with the large plug on the back coming out at high rpms? The new one is new not a remanufactured. Hopefully it will last a little longer.
  15. kmcminn

    Best Duramax programmer for mileage

    Mine is a 15 model and gets shit mileage when pulling. What's the best programmer for mileage.
  16. kmcminn

    BKORP is for sale

    Man I hope it continues to be an offroad park. Haven't got to ride there yet. Maybe I can in the near future.
  17. kmcminn

    Why all the SRRS hate today?

    Anyone else watching the shit show on fb between outlaw racing/ Srrs(cb) and 3rd and 4th in the points race.
  18. kmcminn

    Sold/Expired 1 new PRP Premier +2 height on rollers for office chair. Make offers

    I used this seat for mock up. It has been in my shop less than 24 hours on the rollers. Call WOD and order one they are expensive. Black vinyl with mud trap. Located in Cullman AL PM for phone number 350. Sounds crazy but things are expensive especially when ordered ordered one at a time.
  19. kmcminn

    Welcome Back Hardline.

    Everyone miss it, like I did?