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  1. Trailabite

    Low Gears

    Anyone running gears lower than 5.38's and driving on the street? Do you love it or regret it?
  2. Trailabite

    203 Range box

    Anyone have a Chevy 27 spline 203 TC just laying around waiting to be used.
  3. Trailabite

    241C TC $350 OBO

    110k miles on it 27 spline Drivers drop Came out of an 89 chevy
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    Looking for a TH350
  5. Trailabite

    B&M Pro Stick Shifter $100 obo

    Was used on a TH350.
  6. Trailabite

    SBC 350 & TH350 SOLD

    I bought a 1970 J-200 that came with this engine and trans. Motor does start and run. It has an Edlebrok 650 on it that's been rebuilt. The guy I bought it from said that it's a 4 bolt main. According to the block vin no. it's from 1983 and it's bone stock. I don't know anything about the TH350...
  7. Trailabite

    Sold/Expired Insane Audio JK2001 - SOLD

    Brand new JK2001 unit for sale $1000 OBO. Unopened box. Would consider trade for: Vortec 6000 (ready to run) 200 amp Welder Plasma cutter
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    Mighty MO

    I have been on this forum several years now. More of a lurker I guess. I have been involved in off-roading for many years now. It started in the early 90's with mud drags running a full size Chevy truck. I also had a full size Ford and and a Bronco. Around 2005 I bought my first jeep and got...
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    Tools Needed

    Getting ready to start a project and I don't want to go buy all new stuff, if I don't have to. So, here's a list of things I'm looking for to get started: Also needs to be within a reasonable driving distance from the Atlanta area. 1. Plasma cutter 2. Hobart/Lincoln/Miller Welder (200 amp...
  10. Trailabite

    Sold/Expired Gladiator

    1962 - 1964 J200 Nothing fancy. Not looking to restore one. Rat rod project. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    Sold/Expired RK 2.5" Lift kit - SOLD

    Brand new complete lift still in the box. X-factor Stage 2 with 4 RK 2.0 reservoir shocks. Asking $2400 + shipping RockKrawler JK25XF-4S2 - Fits 4 door JK Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    Changing Spark Plugs

    Has anyone on here dealt with the plugs on an 07 F150? Apparently there is a huge problem with them breaking off.
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    Ramjet 350 Timing Question

    Anyone on here running a ramjet 350? Apparently these motors do not come with the typical timing tag. There's a V notch on the timing cover and a notch across the damper. According to the instructions for this motor you plug in this tool and start the motor and this sets the ignition timing and...
  14. Trailabite

    Drive line ?

    When I'm in 4 low or 2 low everything seems to work just fine. When I go to 4 hi it takes a good bit gas to get my jeep moving. It kinda feels like the brakes are on. I can't get up to speed and after a mile down the road my jeep is over heating, any ideas? I can go 4 wheeling all day and as...
  15. Trailabite

    Parking Brake for 14 Bolt Disc Brake Setup?

    Anyone using a spot caliper as a parking brake? Most of the club rules out here in SoCal require some sort of parking brake and these look like a bolt on.
  16. Trailabite

    Sold/Expired 2005 Jeep TJ 4 sale

  17. Trailabite

    Link setup

    There's plenty of information out there for sitting up links as for placement on the axle and separation between the links, but what I don't see is anyone talking about the lengths of the links. If everything looks good on a 4 link calculator does that mean it is good or is there such a thing as...
  18. Trailabite

    Check Valvle ?

    I have an RCI fuel cell and apparently the roll over vent only works if you completely roll over because when I'm on an incline my fuel just dumps out through that vent. So I thought I would just slap on a check valve, but I noticed that most of them need at least 2 to 3 psi to open. Is there...
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    Where is my speed Chanel? Damn Direct TV! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
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    Anyone heading that way for labor day weekend. They are having an event called Why Not Customs Labor Day Crawl. has anyone been to this park? If so, what's it like?