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For Sale 2013 2.5 ford multi fuel engine


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Jul 7, 2010
I have a drive by wire 2.5 ford industrial engine that cam.out of a airplane tugger capable of pulling or pushing 100,000 lbs. Engine is complete all the way to new gas pedal assembly engine is completely wired and plumbed for both gas and propane. Engine is all aluminum dual over head cam and makes 175 horse on propane and weighs around 400 lbs comes with adapter to run small block ford transmission. They also make plate for ax15 and several Chevy transmission. From what I understand 2.3 ecobost turbo set will will enterchange. Could get 400 horse out of this engine. It can also be set up for industrial and can run off corn syrup, natural gas and even coal. Need money to fund yj build asking 2,000 mixer alone is 500 comes with owners manual if have any questions feel free to ask. I would also trade for beadlocks to fit 5on4.5 15s and cash or 17x9 5on4.5 or 5on5 beadlocks and 35s 256 4607899 best to txt first or I will not answer thanks could also use a tera low case of they are still out there or 4.88s for a dana 30 and 8.8


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