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4 link ????


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Jun 16, 2012
Ok i have 4 rubber bushings laying around. My question is if i use the 4 bushings on the lower links an joints on the other end an joints on the upper links. Will i have any problems flexing or will i have any other issues?
I Just helped a friend link the front of his YJ and we used rubber bushings the 4 axle mounting points and heims at the frame end. I guess it helps with deflection driving on the street. twas a radius arm setup but we used 4 heim joints and 4 bushings.

Re: Re: 4 link ????

I used urethane bushings on one end of my links and heims on the other.

The bushing takes up the shock and keeps the heims from wearing out.
roll over dave said:
I put mine on uppers and lowers on axle end,heims on frame. Works great no problem at all

Thats what I did also.

the only "reason" I did that was because I hade some axle brackets that were made for 3" wide ends.