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42 inch Pitbull rocker bias on allied beadlocks


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Sep 8, 2022
I decided to go in a different direction with a build and run smaller tires to be more streetable so I'm putting these tires and wheels up for sale. I have a set of (4) 42x15x17 Pitbull rocker bias ply tires with 85-90 percent tread mounted on new 17 x 9.5 steel rock 8 allied beadlocks. Rims have never left my garage only used for mock up.
Backspacing is 3.5 inches and lug pattern is 8 x 6.5. I measured the tread depth with calipers and it runs between 19/32 and 20/32 and new is 22/32 so that's where I get the 85-90 percent figure. Some of the tires have a few shallow chunks around the rim protector area but they do not go into the sidewall at all and all hold air well. Located near Clemson South Carolina. Asking $2600 and I'm pretty firm on the price


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You should be able to edit your title. Add "SOLD" to the end of it.