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Boat audio folks, step on in.


Birmingham, AL
Sep 5, 2012
My ability to troubleshoot audio issues is pretty limited and Google is information overload, so hopefully the brain trust here can help me.

We have a 26' pontoon that we stripped down to the pontoons and restored a few years ago and installed a new MB Quart GMR-3 head unit, Pyle amp, speakers and speaker wire. The speakers and wires are in the same spot as they were prior to the restoration and I wired the new head unit in just like the old one. The radio sounds fine until I start the engine and am greeted with a popping / whine that gets louder with engine RPMs. This issue exists with FM radio and bluetooth.

In my limited knowledge of troubleshooting, I wired the radio and amp straight to a separate battery right under the console thinking I was getting interference from the engine - this helped, but the issue still exists. What else do I need to add, delete or modify to fix this?