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C/O spring rates on Jeep xj


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Aug 29, 2012
Danville, Alabama
Okay, so I'm totally new to coilovers, I have no friends with anything over a bolt on lift. So I'm looking to you guys with experience.

So I bit the bullet and prolly jumped in over my head and bought some 12" FOA coilovers. These will be goin under the front a Jeep Cherokee XJ, I will be running a Ford HP 44 the Jeep is practically stock body no trimming yet. I'm doin the radius arm setup on it because I bought a front axle off here (site unseen) that was supposed to be weld on wedges, well . Just got to go pick it up from my cousin this week and there cast . I bought the axle 2 months or so ago so this was my mistake. So I'm goin to work with what I have.

So anyone with experience on spring rates to start with on a Xj with no cage, HP 44 front radius arm setup?

What spring rate should I start with? Thinking about a12" 150/14"250? But I Am Lost on how to figure rate
Next questing is how will I set my shock hoops to get the ride height where I want it.
Thanks in Advance guys, and help or ideas with be highly appreciated probably more questions to come


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Jul 2, 2010
Dodson Branch, TN
Set truck and axle at ride height.

Decide how much up travel you want

Add that number to the fully collapsed length of your shocks

Build mounts that distance apart.

Set spring length/rate/preload to achieve desired ride height.


Set axle at full bump

Mount shock almost fully collapsed.

Set spring length/rate/preload to achieve desired ride height


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