Car Lift - Asymmetric vs Symmetric

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I don't know shit about lifts, but I am in the planning stages of adding a lift to our garage at home. I mainly will be lifting TJ/JK's and average sized passenger cars, like a Camry. I will also occasionally be lifting an F350 DRW Powerstroke Crewcab. I thought I wanted an asymmetric lift to allow opening the vehicle doors, but others have told me I would be better off with the symmetrical version. I'm a big guy and squeezing through a slightly cracked door ain't an option. The two Bendpack lifts above can be installed in a narrow or wide configuration; I would install it in the wide configuration. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Dont know shit myself but looking at the specs they are basically the same across the board with the exception of the rotated main supports. That rotation slightly changes the reach of the arms but otherwise they retain the same dimensions. I think you go with the asymetrical to gain the ability to open the doors.


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I prefer the wider symmetric lifts for heavier vehicles. I have a 12k Atlas in my home shop and it is a little more trouble for shorter wheelbase cars since the arms are larger. We have a asymmetric Rotary SPOA10 at work and it is the best designed lift that I have ever used: The three stage arms are great. We got it from Quality Equipment in Murfreesboro TN: Owners name is Miles Mingle and they were great to deal with. We had a Manitowoc 9k asymmetric that was built like a tank but the rear arm pivots became worn from 20 years of use so we had to replace it.
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With that big Ford you want the symmetric lift. I have a 10k and 12k rotary symmetric in my shop, both are fantastic lifts, just bought 3 more 9k asymmetric rotarys. Big Ford trucks are a pain in the ass to rack up properly because the rear part of the frame are much higher than the front. The 10 and 12 k lifts have the adapters to pick it up without it being sketchy. My Mac guy has a 12k atlas at his home, picks up his cc dually no problem and for a home lift it's a great lift.

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