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Coalmont TN OHV New Park info

The trail head will be in Coalmont. Anyone that has ever went into to what will call the Cove from the pumping station in Coalmont. Then you have rode the land that the park will be at.

Hung up in government red tape is the last info I have heard about it. The people working it says it is still moving forward. But that is all they will say.

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Which one would it be?


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Trail head for this park with be just off of Hwy 56 in Coalmont. A lot of people already use that trail any ways. It is very popular with the SxS/ATV crowd.

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I was looking at the map and thinking, Man that is close to where we ride in Tracy City. So they will actually be turning the "cove" into an actual Park??
if so that is awesome..

If I am understanding it correctly, it would go from about what we call "Slick Rock" out towards Coalmont.

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It appears this park is still rolling towards completion.

Glad to see it is still progressing forward. I know Rhyn Brogden has been over there helping with some of the planning/building/clearing for Coalmont.
I understand that Southern four wheel drive has this one under control.
That isn't surprising at all. They're pretty tight with "Jeeps and Wrenches" the big jeep club here in Nashville. And J&W rides there almost every weekend.
Amazing. It takes a decade to let people go ride around in the woods (if only it were that simple).

Maybe it will turn into a real thing like Stony is in Alabama.

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