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For Sale Deuce and a half


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Dec 6, 2014
1972 AM General
7900 miles
465" Continental Multi-Fuel, turbo (not whistler)
I did 100% of the work myself over the past year and half, full teardown and restoration

Clean title, titled as a pickup here in TN, Insurance was easily handled through Hagerty at about $175/year.

Partial list of work done:
-Frame level tear down/resto (cab did not come off, everything else did)
-Full refurb radiator service
-Super single conversion, hubs flipped
-All brake cylinders replaced
-Wilwood in-cab reservoir
-New airpak
-New filters, fluids, etc.
-Top-end rebuild on engine
-New valve springs
-Flame heater delete
-Differential service on all axles
-Grenade shift knob
-Fuel tank flush
-New frame isolator rails
-Air tanks and lines (cab-back) replaced with DOT line
-New service air fittings
-Year/deployment correct paint (includes extra)
-All hardware replaced with gold, grade8, because ****in bling
-Hornblasters triple horn setup (loud doesn't begin to cover it)
-24v to 12v conversion for horn and any future accessories
-Sawblade on rear PTO, for shits and grins, duh.

The sale also includes everything I've got for it, a partial list:
-Second set of stock wheels/tires
-Every bolt/nut that was removed
-New, full wiring harness
-Additional airpack
-Extra paint
-Additional set of gaskets, belts, hoses. (All were replaced, I ordered double of everything)
-Jerry can bracket
-Spare tire winch/bracket
-F/r bumper shackles
-Spare lugnuts
-Second set of headlight brackets (was planning on doubling up the lighting)

Yet-to-be-done items:
-Paint interior
-Turn signal module replacement (already purchased)

Known issues:
-Slight rub on driver's side front tire at full-lock.
-Passenger side headlight/running light has broken connector
-Turn signal module
-2nd gear can be temperamental

If there are specifics you'd like me to cover please let me know. I would confidently drive the truck anywhere, though as you hopefully know, this is not like riding in a cadillac. You can get it above 60mph especially with the 395s, but she really is happiest around 45. The multi-fuel engine will eat anything, but with a diesel/oil/trans fluid/mooshine mix, it gets about 9ish mpg.

More pics and any details you want, just ask.

$20k, not totally opposed to trades or partial trades

Located in Chattanooga



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Oct 28, 2013
Collierville, Tn
Man I hope to one day own a rig with such low self-esteem as your rig must have!
Well here you go.......