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Don't buy from RC Modelz UK


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Apr 25, 2022
Just received my new Traction Hobby Cragsman Pro from RC Modelz in the UK. Although I am really happy with the Traction Hobby product the distributer was major POS. Upon opening the outer box I noticed that the factory seals had ben cut. Once I opened the interior box the RC was just laying in the box not attached to the packaging in any way. The RC had scuffing & scratch's along the leading edge of the roof / hood. Also there was not a factory manual or directions. I contacted the distributor & they tried to tell that the factory seals were for them & that they open the boxes to inspect the product & add extra packing & stickers. I informed them that the factory seals were for the consumer to make sure they were not receiving a returned item & to prevent tampering/pilfering by the distributor. I also informed them that there was no additional packing or stickers in the box. They also told me some scratchs & scuffing were normal. They offered to return it but there website says they charge a 20% restocking fee if they determine there was not adequate damage to return. I requested a replacement body & they countered with a 30% discount on a new clear body . I told them to pound sand. So I recommend the Traction Hobby brand but I would stay away from RC Modelz.com. Next time I but from Asiatees.


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Jan 27, 2013
Damn joined to just bitch and whine huh? Fawking kids

That or he's a paid guy from Asiatees, here to bash the competition. Pretty common. Had to kick one of them out a few weeks ago on the french PBB.