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Enclosed trailer


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Sep 5, 2013
Cleveland Tn
Finally got an enclosed trailer always wanted one. After all the drama ( see this thread for some information on the drame https://www.hardlinecrawlers.com/threads/enclosed-trailer-drama-what-to-do.62829/ ) i found one very close to what I waned.
5200 lb axles with springs
7'6" interior height

went and got it and brought it home

first thing I did was coat the floor with a garage floor epoxy from Rustoleum. My buggy leaks to much for it to be bare wood. After that pulled one of the walls down and started insulating. Should get that one finished up tonight and put back together and start the other side.



That's all i've had time to get done, but hopefully get it done before labor day.

What are you guys using for ac units that have them? Roof top or mini splits?

I'm a cheap ass, so I'd frame in a trap door and use a $129 window unit A/C from the wal-marks, mounted on some drawer slides.
As cheap as mini splits are, they are hard to beat. I've put a bunch of the Chinese units in and don't have much trouble from them. You should be able to find a 12kbtu unit with heat pump for around $700.

After having one, I'll never go back for the noise alone. They are so much quieter that even rooftop airs.
Are you adding any windows?

I always felt trapped or closed off when I had my enclosed and never could adjust to it.
There's one thing in particular I'd like to share based on my experience with an identical trailer and setup........keep multiple short piece of wood of various thicknesses handy so you can shim the ramp door against uneven ground when loading/unloading. By not shimming, the weight of your rig will force the door to bend and flex in ways it was never meant to. I caught mine before any permanent damage was done

Very common for me to have at least a 2x4 located underneath one door bumper. Sometimes I needed more, but rarely was I able to get away with nothing. This will also help keep rocks from denting the aluminum at certain parks.
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Got the other side stripped down to studs tonight. Also after doing some of the finest googling I went and bought a dometic roof top unit after work. Camping world had them on sale. Ordered a vent and more tie downs and lights. Those should be here Saturday or Monday. I am going to add a window or two just might be a few weeks down the road. Trying to make Labor Day with at least ac and insulated walls.


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Looking good. Make sure you weld in a frame for your roof mount. Basically just want to box in a rough opening out of square tube. If you don’t, it won’t have anything on the sides to “pinch” to make a seal. It also helps brace the ceiling for the weight. Probably not the best explanation but maybe you get what I’m saying.

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