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For Sale Guidelines for posting in the classifieds

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Aug 29, 2019
Welcome to Hardline Crawlers' Classifieds.

Basic rules:
  • Post a price.
  • Post a picture.
  • Include in the description your location.
  • Do not post your phone number or email address in the thread.
Classifieds are automatically closed, and moved to the Expired/Sold section after the last post is 30 days old automatically.

It is expect each member conducting business here will do so straightforward, and honestly.

It is expected that each member doing business here understands that each deal is made at your own risk, and you hold Hardline Crawlers without liability for any results for any dealings done through the site. Rock crawling is dangerous, and the items discussed possibly posted here can be fun when used properly.

All classifieds have 5 days to edit the post, after which you must post updates in the last post.

If you are a new member, we require you to post an introduction before being able to post a thread in this forum. You may do that here. If you have issues posting, or have questions, please ask in the support forum.
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