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Anybody around Cullman Al familiar with HP Tuners that can show me the basic. Trying to get a base tune on my brothers new LS swap in his buggy( Cam, Springs, Injectors Pretty much exact same engine as Pholmann). Got a few other LS swaps going on in hot rods so i figured i would go ahead and buy the HP tuner setup. Will be delivered today but haven't ever messed with one. Its going to be nice once i figure it out but the only knowledge with the unit so far is what i have watched on youtube or read on google. I know there is going to be a large learning curve.
Any tips or advice in the right direction would be awesome


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I also have HP tuners. I opted for the pro version to be able to datalog the buggy without a laptop in it. I was hoping for more responses on this thread. I used LS swap pages for thinning down the harness and HP tuners to delete codes that were not needed and VATS. Engine runs properly but it is a stock engine and tune for the most part.
I purchased a wideband to use as well and I am at the point of needing to log and adjust the VE,spark tables.
I would love to meet and be educated by someone who truly understands the tuning process. I'm not looking to get into tuning engines for profit. I would like to be able to do it myself for convenience and saving $.


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@zayne, if you're at RBD, bring your laptop with HP Tuners, we can pull the tune out of Lori's buggy. It'll give you a starting point. I can go over some HP Tuners basics with you too.

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