For Sale Iron Duck chassis

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Ive been trying my best to finish this project but there's too many things stacking up against me right now.
I literally have everything to finish the rig besides paint and fluids. All of the hard parts are there.
Id like to get 20k for it all. I have more than that plus my time in it to this point.
Its a roller with all the drivetrain mounted as well.
Has a good 5.3 i pulled from a wrecked tahoe.
New headers and scott plug wires.
New standalone wiring harness and flashed computer.
Brian tooley cam (not installed)
Goatbilt acc brackets
New modified water pump
New shorter oil pan

Th400 unknown condition. Needs rebuild

Brand new:
-huge aluminum radiator with fans
-Atlas 3.8 with cable shifters
-smitty bilt 9500 with rope
-Radflo coilovers with remote resi and springs. 2x14 front, 2x16 rear
-radflo 2" bumps
-kartek sway bar
-Wod heavy duty 1410 driveshaft kits front and rear
-Wod 1410 carrier bearing
-Wod 2.5" lower links with 1.25 heims
-Wod 2.25" upper links with 1.25 heims
-Fuel cell and plumbing kit with e8248 pump. Barnes 4x4 mount brackets for the fuel cell.

-Superduty 60 front
Solid diff cover
Barnes 4x4 link tabs and brackets
Welded carrier with 3.73 gear.
Motobilt truss
1550 stock replacement axles and joints
Ball joint eliminators not installed yet.
Full psc double end kit brand new.
Artec high steer arms
Lugnut4x4 brake kit (prototype)
Drive slugs (branik?)
Forged 1410 yoke

-Sterling rear 3.73 gear.
Welded orb of traction
Solid diff cover
Motobilt truss with some tube added

-New dirtylife 17" beadlocks with used 43" stickys.

-eaton wiring kit with realys and fuses
Rocker switch panel

-Jeep tj brake setup with pedal and dodge master cyl.

-Artcarr/winters shifter

-Memphis audio bluetooth sound bar. marine powered sub (slim for under seat mount)

-3" exhaust kit with v-bands
Single chamber muffler

-Stacked plate trans and steering coolers with spal fan.

-long acre steering wheel with quick disconnect

-Prp seats (mounted)
-Prp harnesses.

It needs:
-Radiator mount
-Fuel cell mounted (i have barnes mounts and a new rci tank)
-limit straps and tabs.
-engine cage up top.
-interior finished

Located in the tullahoma/Lynchburg tn area.



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