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Is anyone actually riding?

I finally got in my rig this week, best day of the year


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Nice !

Where is this trail at ? Looks cool.
It's a newer small park close to my house. Only got a little over 200 acres. They just now are making good cool trails. It's called merkles offroad. It's in southeastern Ohio by me. We were the 2nd rigs ever up it. That mud is super deep. First guy on 44" boggers buried it and second guy my cousin was on my old 42" iroks. I blasted through it lol.
They got couple good hills and a lot of ravines. I also made a hill that they thought nobody would make. But a lot of their rigs are local Cherokees on 33" lol.
Will be at Hawk Pride 9/15 - 9/18 and 9/29 - 10/1. Flying solo and never been to the park. Hit me up if you want to be a tour guide!
I still intent to ride as much as I can. Jeep was in pieces getting a new(old) transfer case this summer but Im almost done and should be back to riding soon.