For Sale Jk buggy

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JK Neal

jk neals halfcon is for sale. Originally a 2010 4 door. 119" wheel base. 39.5 red labels. 14 bolt shaved rear. Curry 60 front. Nothing has broken on this thing except rear super 60 gears. Now with 14 bolt its officially jk Neal proof. Engine trans is stock. Atlas 4.3. 538 gears. Low end torque and the ability to get going quickly so power has never held this back. It will go anywhere it fits. Dash has been prepped to aluminum dash. Heavy skid plate removed to do a lighter ar plate. It was 4400 pounds with heavier plate. Should be down to well under 4200 pounds once a lighter plate and dash is in. We already stripped out other unnecessary weight as well recently

Located in Atlanta
Flexible on meeting and or delivery


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