Sold/Expired MoFab Buggy Chassis. SOLD

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Selling the custom Chassis I had MoFab build for me a few years ago. Basically once a kid was on the way I decided to go turn key instead of start a build.
I guess you could say this was built to be a Trail Bouncer.
Has interior width for full suspension seats.
Room in the back for a large cell and radiator you could see over or have a cooler rack.
Front is wide enough for headers inside the tube with a full size winch and even a rockwell could stuff between rails for lots of up travel as an option.
Its built to get beat, .188 DOM on shock hoops, engine cage, A pillar, B pillar, back section, and lower frame rail. The rest is .120 Dom and the sliders are 1/4 wall. Tube frame is plugged on each side for coolant flow.
Measurements: Between the widest part of the B pillars is 53.5". Inside the main lower frame rails is 32". Height from bottom of the frame to the top is 51.4". Its exactly 12' long. Full width at the sliders is 61". Width where the A pillar ties into the B pillar is 42" wide.
$4000 or best offer.
Located in NW FL but I am willing to haul a reasonable distance.
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